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Whenever my baby gets angry, he pinches & bites anyone or anything close to him like shoes, chair, clothes, books, his bed, even v...
It may be tantrums but see a paediatrician first to make sure their is TRULY NO MEDICAL REASON for him being irritable.
Black knuckles on babyPls mommies ad doctors in the huz, pls I need a solution on this
I started noticing dat my 3months old fair baby’s knuckles ar...
The dark knuckles could be as a result of various factors. Hereditary, change of products (in this case the body cream).

Closely observe if it could be hereditary, if not, you might have to change your baby body soap and cream to a more baby friendly product.

If there is no changes after doing above, please visit the Hospital to see the doctor

I noticed my baby legs shakes sometimes while breastfeeding him, and sometimes when he sleeps on my chest.. I hope its normal?...
Please take you baby to the hospital to see a doctor to rule out seizures. You could make a recording with your phone to show the doctor.
Please can bonnisan syrup be given along with infacol syrup?..my daughter keeps passing out gas
Are those drugs prescribed by a doctorjQuery321008276804718804198_1650354658546
If no, please do not self medicate.
A sister of mine had a baby after six months of pregnancy. The baby is alive but there problem is that he's been infused with bloo...
I belief the baby is in the Hospital. So let the professionals continue to handle him
Please which is a better option between hemiepiphysiodesis and corrective osteotomy?
Hemiepiphyseodesis ( ill shorten to HE) and corrective osteotomies are both methods used to correct deformities in bones.
Corrective osteotomies involve making cuts in bones and either removing or inserting small triangular wedges of bone ( closing and opening wedge osteotomy) respectively, this then effects straightening of prior deformity.
The advantage of this method is a fast correction which can be achieved in a single operation.
The disadvantage is the complications associated with a major surgery such as bleeding and excessive pressure buildup in the legs. These are however usually uncommon in in the hand of well trained hands. There is also a risk of recurrence which is a major problem especially when used in the treatment of Blounts disease.
In contrast HE is method that surgically guides growth at the deformity area by applying materials on one side of the bone(hence the word hemi) which reduce growth on one side of the bone and so as the child grows the deformity prgressively corrects.
The advantages are that it is associated with less pain, shorter immobilization, decreased cost, and less surgical risk.
It however has the following known complications like stunting of growth on side of application ,a rebound period unitended increased growth at application site. It is also like I said earlier a slower method of correction compared to an osteotomy useful only in patient who still have some time of growth left.
Its difficult to say which method is better as a generalised statement the choice usually boils down to severity of the deformity, cause of deformity , the expertise of the doctor and how long is available for the correction, we also balance the merits and demerits of each procedure in consideration with the patient/ guardians.
I suspect the options were given you by a trained paediatric orthopedic surgeon and armed with more information you and your doctor can decide on the method best for your child. All the best.
My baby burn herself with mosquito coil how do I treat it?
Sorry about the accident.
Do not apply raw egg or pap or any other thing not recommended by a burn surgeon.

You can apply cold compress or clean water to the affected area.

You can also apply original honey as first aid while you take the child to the hospital for assessment and management. Please do not self medicate.
Please my two year old son twitches all over when he's asleep after sometime it stops please what causes it and should i be worrie...
Kindly do a video recording and show it to your Paediatrician to be sure the baby is not having a convulsion. It is important
How many weeks after birth I take my new born outside?
Contrary to popular myths and believes, you don't have to wait 1-2 months before you can take your newborn outside. You can take your newborn outside when you are ready, just make sure you follow all the necessary precaution from clothing to carriage.
Ensure the baby is dressed according to weather, pack all essentials and always use a carseat, stroller or back the baby safely.
Please i need help on this. My 3 years old daughter is fond of pinching my neck or arm joint and making an irritating sound with h...
Well since she does it only with you, she must see it as a self-comforting habit. I am not sure what you have done. Kindly note that it is not going to work trying to reason with a toddler or shouting/spanking. Look for other distractions. You can give her a teddybear or something else she can use as an alternative.
My 4 months old baby like chewing her tongue, I don’t like it, how can I stop her from doing that?
Tongue sucking is one of the common oral habits seen among children. It is normal for infants to suck their tongue, thumbs or fingers. It gives them a form of comfort or emotional security but when this habit goes beyond the age of 5 years when the permanent teeth start to erupt, then it can cause dental problems such as the teeth being out of alignment. You do not need to worry or do anything for now. As the baby grows older you will need to encourage him or her to stop by positive reinforcement that is giving rewards on days when the child does not suck. I hope you find this very useful.
How bad is a Bilirubin level of 12% for a 24 days old boy?
What are the side effect? Can this cause any lasting damage?
Do you mean 12% or 12mg/dL?
There are two types of jaundice physiological and pathological.

Physiological jaundice
This results from increased red blood cells breakdown and immature liver function.
It presents at 2 or 3 days old, begins to disappear towards the end of the first week and has resolved completely by day 10.
The bilirubin level does not usually rise above 12mg/dL and the baby remains well – sucking, no fever, no abnormal movement, nothing else than the jaundice.

Jaundice in the first 24 hour of life
Total Serum Bilirubin concentration greater than 12mg/dl (204umol/L) at any point in time
Serum Bilirubin concentration increasing by more than 0.5mg/dl per hour or 5mg/dl per day
Conjugated bilirubin of > 2mg/dl (34umol/L)
Jaundice persisting for more than two weeks
Haemolytic jaundice where the baby’s blood level is also dropping (anaemia).
Please I’m a first time mother, i went for 6 weeks immunization today and was told by the nurses to 'use either cotton wool or f...
No don't use SALTY WATER. PLAIN WATER with clean cloth is what the Dentists recommend
Please what should I be rubbing on the blinking part of my baby's head?
You do not need to mop the fontanelle with hot water or apply any substance herbal or local, just leave it alone.
Pls I have a baby of 1 year and 6 months whose lower jaw vibrates or shakes. Most times it happens especially when she's angry. Pl...
You may want to take a video recording of the event and show it to your Paediatrician as soon as possible. It is important to make sure the child is not having a seizure or convulsion.
Please I just noticed blood coming out of my baby’s navel, please what should I do?
MOST bleeding in the first
week of life is DUE TO VITAMIN K
be sufficient to stop the bleeding. bleeding
can also be due to other issues like injury to
the cord, infection of the cord or inherited
bleeding disorders. Please see a doctor if
a your baby is till spotting blood from the
cord despite being given Vitamin K
How many Injection in total is a new born
supposed to take at birth, and their names please.
At birth: BCG, OPV, HBV
6 weeks: Penta, OPV
10 weeks: Penta; OPV
14 weeks... Penta, OPV
9 months: Measles, yellow fever
Vitamin A recommended every 6 months
from age 6 months to 5years
pls what can be done to a baby boy of two weeks old whose breast is somehow big?
It is due to the effect of the maternal hormones that are circulating in the baby's blood. As soon as the hormones wear off, the breast will reduce to normal size. KINDLY DO NOT MASSAGE or do anything. Just leave it
Is it abnormal for a 5+ months old baby to tip-toe while standing?
It is not a thing to worry about so far the
habit does not exceed the age of 2 years.
I do eat roasted corn and pears very well. Does it have any effect on my baby? I’m on EBFI do eat roasted corn and pears very well. Does it have any effect on my baby? I’m on EBF
No it can't, it is not true, it's MYTH. Disregard such
information. Don't listen to such. As a breastfeeding mother please eat well and breast feed well too.