Please i need help on this. My 3 years old daughter is fond of pinching my neck or arm joint and making an irritating sound with her mouth. (She does it to only me and no other person) I have tried to make her stop but she just won’t. Please what is the meaning of this behaviour and how can i get her to stop it?
Toddlers exhibit different types of behaviors. Since its just you, I suggest you just give her time,its a phase and it would pass. You can continue cautioning her in the mean time.
Well since she does it only with you, she must see it as a self-comforting habit. I am not sure what you have done. Kindly note that it is not going to work trying to reason with a toddler or shouting/spanking. Look for other distractions. You can give her a teddybear or something else she can use as an alternative.