Can I give my 9 months baby Bournvita tea or Milo ? She is refusing breast milk both day and night
The minimum age to have Bournvita, Complan or Horlicks is two years. These health drinks are not safe to be given to kids before 2 years of age, as your little one’s kidneys are not ready to take the heavy load of these foods. As babies surpass the weaning stage, their digestive system starts to accept new foods. In 2 years your breastmilk helps them grow a strong enough digestive system to take on these complex foods. As baby graduates from infant to toddler, she needs the right nutrients to grow. As per the nutritional recommendations of WHO for children, for healthy growth a baby needs a variety of proteins and micronutrients including Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Riboflavin(Vit. B2), Vitamin B12 etc. Milk along with Bournvita, Complan or Horlicks can act as a great source of these while also making milk flavourful.
As products mentioned already that it is for 3 years old kid. Bournvita and other similar supplements contain more energy, proteins, and nutrients which babies can’t digest. Wait till your baby is 3 years old