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Please can I give my baby of one year old milo?
Yes, you can
Can I give Milo and milk to my baby of 9 months, because she doesn't like eating unless I force her?
No, wait till the baby is 1 year, also please do not force feed your baby.
Can baby of 1 year take Tea (milo and milk) and also capri-sonne or sweet?
Yes, your baby can take tea and caprisonne as well.
Can I give my baby of 7 months tea, I. E milk and milo
No ma, you can't. Do not give any form of tea - milo, bournvita e.t.c before the age of 1.
You can give any age appropriate (6 - 12 months) formula/milk of your choice.
Can a baby of eight months take tea(Milo and milk)?
No, do not give any form of tea - milo, bournvita e.t.c before the age of 1. Kindly give age appropriate formula/milk.
Can beverages like 'Milo' be mixed with pap for a 10month old?
Dear Mum, No. Do not mix beverage with your baby Pap.
Please hold on till s/he is a year old
Can one year old baby take Milo and peak milk, including bobo drink
Don't give adult milk, try Peak 123 milk, Danone or NAN 1 that's for children from 1year You can also be giving him with the pap.
Please, can I give my One year and 10months boy tea? (Milo and peak milk)
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Yes ma'am, you can.
can I give my one year old milo with his own milk
Good morning ma'am,Yes you can give
what else can I give my 8months old baby as a beverage since milo is not allowed for now
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Feed slowly and patiently, and encourage children to eat but do not force them.
• Give variety of foods with different food combinations (foods come from at least 4 food groups e.g. cereals/tubers, legumes/nuts, fruits and vegetables, dairy /poultry etc.), tastes and textures.
• If a child refuses a food combination (e.g. maize pap and soybean flour), experiment with another food combination (millet pap and groundnut paste) but do not introduce different combinations the same day as to determine dislikes, intolerance and allergy.
• Minimize distractions while feeding the child.
• Remember that feeding times are period of learning and love – talk to the child during feedings with eye-to-eye contacts.
Which is better for children less than 2, Milo or Bournvita? Fruit and fibre, Coco pops, rice Krispy. Which one is good since gold...
Dr Aina Johnson


You can use either Milo or Bournvita. They are both okay.
Can I give my 9 months baby Bournvita tea or Milo ? She is refusing breast milk both day and night
As products mentioned already that it is for 3 years old kid. Bournvita and other similar supplements contain more energy, proteins, and nutrients which babies can’t digest. Wait till your baby is 3 years old
Can My Baby Of 7month Be Drinking Milo Or Bournvita With Bread?
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No, ma'am! Do not give any form of tea - milo, Bournvita etc before the age of 1.
My girl of 2 year like licking milk & Milo sometimes is it bad?
Not bad but Moderation is very important. The less intake of sugary things, the better.
Is it okay to give my son of 10 month beverages like Milo. I noticed he likes it when he first tasted it.
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Please do not give milo to baby until at least a year.
Is it okay to give my baby of 10 months beverages like Milo? I noticed he likes it when he first tasted it.
Please do not give milo to baby until at least a year.
Good day house, please can i give my 7months old baby milo?
Is not, give the baby milk.