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I have a few questions.
1. Please what beverage can my 1 year old boy take?
2. How long is he supposed to take formula?<...
Choose from brands of brevages in the market to feed your baby with.
Babymigo do not recommend brand.
Please can someone add glucose to replace formula for a 6 months old pap because he dislikes formula? Was on ebf before
You can add a little sugar ONLY to give taste if child does not accept it without sweeten it. Formular can also be used to sweeten. The less sugar, the better.

It is not necessary to add Sugar
In the pap...You can use the formula milk to sweeten the pap...If the baby does not take you can add a liitle sugar but the Less WHITE SUGAR YOU DO, THE BETTER
Can I still give my 6months baby his unfinished food after warming it? (Pap and formula)
It is not advisable to do so. Milk, cereal, fo mula are to be taken fresh and all leftovers discarded.
Is it true that formula fed for babies are not intelligent?
The benefits of breastfeeding a child cannot be over emphasized. Children and adults that were breastfed are less likely to be overweight or obese , less likely to have type II diabetes and are more intelligent.
My baby of five weeks is not satisfied with breast milk. Can I introduced formula to her and what type of formula is good for her?...
All that your baby needs now is to be on exclusive breastfeeding for 0-6months after which complementary feeding will be introduced.
Is it healthy to breastfeed and give formula at the same time for a 2 months old baby?
In mix feeding their is need to give
plain water after formula feeding
My baby is five weeks old and has recently started crying a lot which i now think she's not getting enough milk from my breast. Wh...
Infantile colic is a benign process in which an infant has paroxysms of inconsolable crying for more than three hours per day, more than three days per week, for longer than three weeks.
Pls can I give my 7months old baby Quaker oats? He was exclusively fed but has refused to eat any kind of food except breast milk,...
Yes, you can give your baby Quaker Oats.
Which formula can I start using for my 3-month-old baby am going back to work next week?
ma'am 3 months baby should still be on exclusive breastfeeding till 6months
My 6 weeks baby has trouble sleeping, she doesn’t sleep quietly, she will b making funny sounds or talking if I may say so and y...
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I'm not sure a 6 weeks old can talk..... Perhaps you can hear the gas moving around in her tummy. That's nothing to worry about. Most of the time the baby might just have colic which is responsible for the restless sleep at times
Pls mothers, what's the difference between SMA pro and SMA gold ?
I know many moms are confused and will love to know the difference between SMA pro and SMA gold. They are actually the same. Not long ago, Nestle rebranded SMA gold to SMA pro.
Is it okay to give 1month old baby water, because I'm not lactating well and he has been on formula
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Babies on infant formula can take plain water after feeds. Exclusively breastfed babies do not need water at all
What's the cause of Discomfort in my baby's tummyGoogle day Doc, my baby is a year and 3 weeks old and I just switched milk from nan 3 to Dano growing up milk for 1 to 3 years but...
To clean your baby's teeth, use water and a soft-bristled toothbrush (baby tooth brush or form). After age 3, parents should supervise brushing. Use every small amount of toothpaste (milk teeth) and make sure children do not swallow the toothpaste itself.
Can I add the only flavour to baby cereal without adding age formula milk
You can introduce age appropriate formula milk labelled between 6-12months
Can I give my 9 months baby Bournvita tea or Milo ? She is refusing breast milk both day and night
As products mentioned already that it is for 3 years old kid. Bournvita and other similar supplements contain more energy, proteins, and nutrients which babies can’t digest. Wait till your baby is 3 years old
My baby is 7 months, Please I need moms to suggest a formula milk for me. Thanks
NAN 1 is good
What is the best type Of milk to give a 1-year baby apart from peak 123?
There are lots of age-appropriate milk like NAN, Aptamil etc you can go for depending on your financial capability
Can one introduce milk to a 3-month-old baby due to one's nature of my job? If yes,what milk is advisable?
There many depend on ur choice and price Sma pro , Nan and lactogen look like milk Sma gold wil make ur baby fat if u want ur baby to fat. But most baby react Heard cow gate is also good
Pls which formula do you recommend for a 3months old baby.
NAN 1 is very good
Pls, Can any mom here suggest which formula milk is best for infant ?