What's the cause of Discomfort in my baby's tummyGoogle day Doc, my baby is a year and 3 weeks old and I just switched milk from nan 3 to Dano growing up milk for 1 to 3 years but I noticed he has not been able to sleep well for 2 days now as he seems his tummy hurts as he cries throughout the night.pls do you think it might be the milk? or what can I give him to alleviate his discomfort?
Secondly, he doesn't like to clean his mouth and it smells, pls what can u advise about his mouth? can I use glycerin or 0 to 2 paste?
He may be constipated. Increase her Water Consumption, Offer Fruit Juice, Feed High-Fiber Foods, Try a Different Brand of Formula, Massage Her Tummy and Give Him a Warm Bath.
To clean your baby's teeth, use water and a soft-bristled toothbrush (baby tooth brush or form). After age 3, parents should supervise brushing. Use every small amount of toothpaste (milk teeth) and make sure children do not swallow the toothpaste itself.