Should You Apply Ori On Newborns?


Welcoming the birth of a new baby is an exciting time filled with lots of love and care. As parents navigate through the first few days of taking care of their little one, many questions may arise concerning traditional remedies such as ori, also known as shea butter, for use on newborns. 


This article will discuss safety precautions, benefits, and considerations when using ori on babies so that moms can make informed decisions about what products they should be using on their baby’s skin.


What is ori?

Ori, or shea butter, is a fat extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, native to Africa. It contains vitamins A, E, and F plus essential fatty acids that add to its moisturizing and healing properties. Most people use it in their beauty routines because it has hydrating, calming, and shielding effects on the skin.



Is it safe to apply ori on newborns?

The most important thing when thinking about using ori or any other substance with a baby is safety. Generally speaking ori can be used safely even for newborns because this natural product acts as a mild moisturizer which helps protect delicate infant skins. 


Nonetheless while selecting which type/brand of ori one should go for; always ensure that you settle only for high-quality unrefined versions since these do not contain additives that might irritate or cause harm to your child’s tender epidermis.


Benefits of ori on the skin

  • Moisturizing: Ori is a deep moisturizer that can prevent dryness and flaking of a newborn’s skin, especially on areas like the cheeks and knees which tend to dry often.


  • Protecting: The natural softening agents found in ori make a shield over the skin which protects it from external irritants as well as helps keep its normal level of moisture.


  • Calmative: With anti-inflammatory features, this product helps soothe red or irritated skin; thus relieving such conditions as nappy rash or eczema.


  • Nourishing: Vitamin-rich ori feeds your epidermis cells so they regenerate better while supporting general dermal wellness through fatty acids presence there.


  • Mildness: For babies who have not yet developed their defense mechanisms because it does not clog pores and it works gently even on sensitive infantile skins.


Using ori, or shea butter, can be a nourishing and helpful habit for keeping the skin healthy of infants. When adding ori to your baby’s skincare schedule, use only good quality unprocessed ones that are pure and work well. Always do patch tests and watch out for any signs of allergy on your child’s skin. Talking to a doctor or dermatologist might give more advice or peace of mind about putting it on a newborn baby.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is ori?

Ori, also called shea butter, is a natural fat extracted from the nuts of the shea tree. It contains vitamins and fatty acids that are good for the skin so it has been used as an ingredient in many moisturizers and healing creams.


  1. Can I mix ori and my baby’s oil?

You can mix ori with your baby’s oil to make it more moisturizing. But be sure that both are safe for newborns and do a patch test first if necessary.


  1. Can I apply ori on my newborn’s face?

You can rub ori on your newborn’s face but only use a small amount and gently massage it into their skin. Don’t let ori get near their eyes or mouth and watch out for any signs of irritation on their skin.

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