How To Use Ori To Treat Stretch Marks In Pregnancy


You're on your last patch of oils and creams to help manage stretch marks and nothing seems to fade them completely. Stretch marks take time to heal and of course, they can't completely disappear. They can only get lighter with time.


Numerous creams and topical products claim to completely fade stretch marks within days or weeks. In our opinion, that's far-fetched as individual skin properties matter, and fading stretch marks isn't magic. It takes time.


In this article, you’ll learn more about how best to use ori, also known as shea butter, to manage and lighten stretch marks during and after pregnancy.


What causes stretch marks during pregnancy?

Stretch marks during pregnancy affect a majority of women. It's almost inevitable for them. In pregnancy, stretch marks appear due to the skin tissues expanding to accommodate the growing foetus. This also causes an increase in the cortisol hormone. The cortisol hormone is produced by the adrenal gland which sits on both kidneys. It acts to manage blood glucose levels in the body. 





5 benefits of ori to treat stretch marks

Ori will always be a vital recommendation in the management of stretch marks because it's rich in vitamin A, which is responsible for promoting skin suppleness. Vitamin A makes the skin more elastic, and fresher and it reduces excessive stretching during pregnancy. Here are 5 reasons pregnant women should use ori during pregnancy:


  • Reduces red appearance of stretch marks: Stretch marks appear differently on various skin tones. Sometimes, you may experience itching and swelling around the site of the stretch mark. Applying ori on stretch marks relieves the constant itchiness and lessens redness caused by stretch marks.


  • Promotes cell renewal: Every human sheds skin annually. The antioxidants in ori help remove damaged skin cells and promote cell regeneration. It also stimulates collagen production which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin.


  • Promotes collagen production: You've probably heard of collagen from most skincare brands. Collagen is the substance that helps the skin stay youthful and elastic. Ori which contains vitamins A and E, increases collagen production. Frequently rub ori on stretch marks to improve skin elasticity.


  • Fades appearance: Ori cannot completely remove stretch marks. However, it may aid in lightening the appearance of stretch marks. Especially, when paired with other essential body oils like cocoa butter.


  • Reduces scarring: Applying ori on stretch marks reduces skin scarring.



How to use ori to treat stretch marks

Underutilizing ori may not yield proper results. Consistency and diligence are paramount to see effects. Here's a short guide to help you use ori to its full potential:

  • Combine ori (2-3) tablespoons and add coconut oil.
  • Add a few drops of vitamin E to the mixture 
  • Place over low heat or steam in a pot
  • Whisk thoroughly after melted and remove from heat
  • Pour in an airtight container 

Apply this mixture or a regular plain ori on your tummy twice daily. Apply on any other stretch marks site.



Ori is a tree nut butter that's high in moisturizing abilities. It's a versatile butter as it can be used for both the skin and hair. Whilst there are other effective topical creams and safe oils to use in pregnancy, apply ori religiously to added moisture.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Can I lick ori for cough?

Ori or shea butter is safe to lick in small amounts. Consult your doctor first before consumption.


  • Can I rub shea butter on my baby?

Shea butter is a baby's choice to moisturise their fragile skin. 


  • Can I mix ori with my cream?

It's best to use ori alone to prevent a counter-effect.



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