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Good pm Docs and moms in the house. We are all going to march forward this month of March in Jesus name.-Amen. Pls house I need urgent answers to the following result though I am still waiting for more two hormones to be tested on the 21st of this month according to the Lab Scientist. My Doc asked me to run Hormonal Profile Test, here are the results: Hormone. Result. Normal range1. FSH 7.85 (2-12), 2. LH 0.82 (0.5-10.5), 3.prolactin 8.98 (1.8-19.5 Pls are they within normal range? Thanks.
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Good evening mom and Docs in the house. Happy new month! Pls my Doc prescribed Clomid for me and I bought UK brand. See photo below. Your contribution pls. I heard there are fake ones in the market.
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Good morning Docs and mums in the house, I missed you guys. Please I have a bothered question. If implantation takes place on 30th October, (my menses came 11th and stopped 15th) When do I stop having intercourse with my hubby to avoid miscarriage. It happens to me August, I missed my period last July 5th, (pregnancy test was positive) , just for me to have miscarriage August 15th, though my Doc told me is BC I have sex with my hubby. Pls how do I manage this condition. I need advice and contributions. Thanks.
Happy Sunday to Docs and moms in the house. Wishing everyone in this great house a lovely week. Soon great testimonies shall flow from our mouths. Praying for those in labour room, those waiting for divine visitation, newly born babies, older ones, our husband, wives, our Docs, nurses and host of others. The Lord shall guide and protect all of us in Jesus name.
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Good pm Docs and Moms in the house. Please I need urgent advice from you. it is a year and 4months now I had my first baby thru CS though I lost her. Trying to conceive but not forth coming. What do I take to boost my pregnancy hormones. Already taking biko and folic acid. Note: I have gone to hospital and lab for check ups, result very OK.
Good day moms & Drs., my last menses was 24th March and started mensurating 10th of April. Pls what could be the cause? I am even trying to conceive. Only took folic acid and bico tab on the 9th April. Could these drugs be the cause? Thanks. Pls I need reply.