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Good evening mom and Docs in the house. Happy new month! Pls my Doc prescribed Clomid for me and I bought UK brand. See photo below. Your contribution pls. I heard there are fake ones in the market.
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This drug is not suppose to be prescribed for u to go buy them urself, a good gynaecologist will give it to u and monitor u strictly while u take them for just five days and u most visit the gynae exactly on the 5th day for further instructions, but since u got it urself I guess u show them to the Dr CU's one can not tell the fake from the pack shown here but from the reaction on ur body, remember it has to do with ur hormones
@ Debbyclare she didn't get her self Doc prescribed it for her pls read post very well before you comment.
Essyln Ndiana-Abasi Ekarika
Thanks all for your contributions. God bless.
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