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Good morning Docs and mums in the house, I missed you guys. Please I have a bothered question. If implantation takes place on 30th October, (my menses came 11th and stopped 15th) When do I stop having intercourse with my hubby to avoid miscarriage. It happens to me August, I missed my period last July 5th, (pregnancy test was positive) , just for me to have miscarriage August 15th, though my Doc told me is BC I have sex with my hubby. Pls how do I manage this condition. I need advice and contributions. Thanks.
Omo Nosa
To be on a safer side, stop ML (Making Luv) once you discover you're pregnant till I guess 2nd trimester or ask your doctor
Esther O Emmanuel
Stop sex 4 now,till after 3month
Essyln Ndiana-Abasi Ekarika
Thank you @ Omo and Esther. God bless
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