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Good pm Docs and Moms in the house. Please I need urgent advice from you. it is a year and 4months now I had my first baby thru CS though I lost her. Trying to conceive but not forth coming. What do I take to boost my pregnancy hormones. Already taking biko and folic acid. Note: I have gone to hospital and lab for check ups, result very OK.
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Essyln Ndiana-Abasi Ekarika
Amen. In fact my moms in the house God bless all of you. My hope is on thee. Bless u
Omo Ola
Sorry may Allah comfort u Try and use 'pregnant care trying to conceive' there is male one for ur husband too May Allah help u
Essyln Ndiana-Abasi Ekarika
Thanks dear. I will get it
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