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Can malaria be transfer from the mother to the baby through breastfeeding?
No, malaria cannot be transfer to the baby from the mother through breast feeding
Can yellow fever and measle vaccine cure malaria?
No none of the vaccine cure Malaria, if you notice any sign of malaria kindly take the child to nearest hospital to see a paediatrician
My baby of ten months urine is too yellow in colour. He takes enough water and currently not on any medication and I have not trea...
How yellow? Light yellow is normal. Deep yellow is dark-coloured urine needs to be reviewed by a doctor.
How can malaria be gone permanently in kids?
Avoid mosquito bites. Mosquitoes also bite during the day so maintain good environmental hygiene and avoid stagnant water.
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My baby is just 4months plus, I’m having malaria. A nurse prescribed artesunate can I take it?
There are safe antimalaria drugs breastfeeding mums can take. Make sure your doctor prescribes it. Don't do self medication.
FansidarI’m 33 weeks 5 days and doctor recommended fansidar to prevent malaria.. please is it safe ?
Yes, it is safe
Please can a breastfeeding mother resume breastfeeding the following day after treating malaria with Lonart-ds?
Ensure you're not selfmedicating, meanwhile lonart is safe during breastfeeding.
My 2 years old daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia and malaria. She coughs alot and also feels pain. Please what can I do?
Please was she given any medication after the diagnosis?
Is it safe for a lactating mom to take Albendazole for worms and lonart tabs for malaria?
Were these drugs prescribed by a doctor?
Can a breastfeeding mother use coartem and amoxillin to treat malaria and typhoid?
Please see a doctor first to confirm before using any medications. Do not self medicate.
Is amatem soft gel safe for a pregnant woman in her 2nd trimester
Amatem contains Artemether 80 mg, Lumefantrine 480 mg. Do not use during breastfeeding and pregnancy unless it is specifically recommended by a medical doctor.

Breastfeeding women should not use Artemether and Lumefantrine tablets due to the long elimination half-life of Lumefantrine (4 to 6 days). It is recommended that breastfeeding should not resume before day 28 after discontinuation of Artemether and Lumefantrine combination unless potential benefits to mother and child outweigh the risk of the combination treatment.
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Kindly see a paediatrician for thorough evaluation and treatment.
My one-year-old daughter became feverish two days ago. She lost appetite and weight. She was bitten by mosquitoes a few days to th...
A weak and pale child needs urgent medical attention. Kindly see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and treatment.
Good evening doctors. Pls, my baby of a year and eight months has sores all over his mouth. He has refused to eat anything since y...
Dear mum, the sore in your baby's mouth could be as a result of the illness.
However, kindly take the baby back to the hospital for treatment of sore development.
My baby is 7 month and he is teething. He had a high temperature and we went to the hospital did test and is being treated for mal...
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It is advisable to take your child back to the hospital to be seen by a paediatrician for a review. The child might be irritable, hence the crying and the reason for this needs to be ascertained.
I need helpPlease my 3weeks old baby stretches a lot, and farts and when she stretches her face becomes red. I don't know what to use to make...
On farting, Newborn digestive systems are immature, so they produce a lot of gas, and this is normal. Infants also take in a lot of air while feeding and crying, which produces more gas
Good day, amiable doctors and moderators in the house...God bless you all for your selfless services. Kindly direct me to a link o...She was given coartem tabs but she vomited about 2 or 3 doses (she has always resisted oral drugs right from birth). Right now, sh...
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Greenish stools suggest inadequate feeding , starvation stools or may also be a reflection of some pigments in your own food or drug intake. Kindly breast feed exclusively on demand or at least every three hours and empty one breast thoroughly before switching to the next during feeding...Also kindly check your food and all intakes generally
My baby has been sick and was treated for malaria and pneumonia. He will complete his treatment (Injections and drugs) today. Mean...
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Yes, he can take his immunization as long as his fever has subsided. But if the child is still having fever, you may want to hold on.