Good day, amiable doctors and moderators in the house...God bless you all for your selfless services. Kindly direct me to a link on causes of greenish stools in babies and what should be done. Secondly, I took my baby to the hospital on July 30th and she tested positive to malaria. She was given coartem tabs but she vomited about 2 or 3 doses (she has always resisted oral drugs right from birth). Right now, she's teething and has been exhibiting some of the symptoms like restlessness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, getting irritable at the slightest things, etc. She is also coughing because she sucks on her right thumb and of course, she's crawling around. My question is should I take her back to the hospital for proper treatment of malaria (injection) because I believe the parasite is still present and I don't want to confuse malaria symptoms with those of teething. P.S. - her body feels warm especially at night but when I checked the temperature, it was within the normal range. Sorry for the long post and thanks in anticipation of your timely response.
Also note that Teething does not make baby to fall sick because it is a normal physiological process.
It is advisable to take your child back to the hospital to be seen by a paediatrician for a review and a test conducted to see if she still has Malaria.
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Greenish stools suggest inadequate feeding , starvation stools or may also be a reflection of some pigments in your own food or drug intake. Kindly breast feed exclusively on demand or at least every three hours and empty one breast thoroughly before switching to the next during feeding...Also kindly check your food and all intakes generally