Please does dieting affects the quality of the breast milk?
NO, dieting cannot affect breastmilk quality. It is naturally designed to perfection no matter what you eat. Your body would always formulate the perfect and nutritionally filled breastmilk. It can however affect the quantity and a low supply is not so helpful. If you are looking to lose weight while breastfeeding, these tips really helped me do so:
- Drink lots of water (always stay hydrated)
- Avoid processed sugars and junk food, instead eat a balanced diet
- Breastfeeding makes you more hungry and you would be tempted to eat so much, just eat in moderation.
- Work out (helps burn excess calories consumed)
It is also important to note that breastfeeding itself can burn up to 600 calories in a day, so breastfeed a lot.
All the best mama
And adequate calories not excessively so as to handle the calories requirements of your baby

Exclusive breastfeeding also helps with regaining your pre-pregnancy weight as you burn calories too while breastfeeding. Exercise helps too.

Please suspend dieting till when you stop breastfeeding.
Yes, dieting can affect the calorie requirements needed by your baby for optimum development.

Dieting is not encouraged in breastfeeding mums. You should eat enough