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What can I do to increase the flow of breast milk?
To increase breast milk supply, you need to eat well, drink lots of water and fluid generally. But most importantly relax, avoid stress as much as possible.
My daughter suddenly stop taking her formula, should I introduce another brand of formula or I should continue with breast milk?
Please if your baby is less than 6months, kindly return to exclusive breastfeeding.
Your baby knows better thing o, lol! Breast milk is definitely superior to formula. Even the formula makers state on their tins that breast milk is the best! Please continue to breastfeed exclusively and on demand till your baby is 6months.
Please does breast milk sours or expires when it's not expressed? When is the right time to wean a child?
NO, even if you did not breastfeed for days and the milk is still flowing, no need to throw away....BREASTMILK DO NOT SOUR...IT IS ALWAYS FRESH AT THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE
Please does dieting affects the quality of the breast milk?
Yes, dieting can affect the calorie requirements needed by your baby for optimum development.

Dieting is not encouraged in breastfeeding mums. You should eat enough
My breast has stopped producing breast milk. Please what should i do?
You need to eat balanced meals, rest well, drink lots of water and do away with worries.
Is it true that the potency of medications is reduced if I allow my baby to drink water or milk shortly after taking medications?
It depends on the SPECIFIC MEDICATION and usually the pharmacist would have given you such explicit instructions and information. You can also read the DRUG LEAFLET in the package to know if milk or juice should or should not be taken with the specific medicines. It is NOT A ONCE SIZE FITS ALL!!
My breast produces lots of milk and ends up soiling my body each time I try breastfeeding outside, it even makes my baby frustrate...
Try and express the excess milk. Also apply breastfeeding pad to soak up the milk that leaks
How can one increase the amount of breast milk expressed? The amount I express before going to work is usually not enough for my b...
You need to relax, drink a lot of water and breastfeed/express the breast milk even while at work...the higher the demand or expression of breast milk, the more the milk flows

My Baby Of 7 months Have Refused To Eat, He Will Only Take The First Spoon And Reject The Next But Only Take Breast Milk And W...
You will need to apply a lot of patience, he is new to this transition of other food aside breast milk. Do not expect your child to finish a full bowl of food but some spoons offered occasionally will do. Also try to be creative in presenting your meals, use colourful plates and spoons as well. Keep trying and do not give up.
A mother stopped breastfeeding her baby for about a year plus, but whenever she press her nipples water still comes out and she wa...
The woman have galactorrhea, she need to see a doctor who will check the prolactin level (high level of this hormone causes this) and try to find out the cause. There are medications that would help dry the discharge but it is better to find out the cause before prescribing medications, see your doctor.
What is the quantity of breast milk that can be express for a 13 weeks plus baby, minimum he can take per day as I'm starting work...
The quantity of milk to be expressed depends on the babies weight. Babies require approximately 100ml per kg per day. So check your babies weight, then express about 100ml for each kg everyday. Then divide the total quantity expressed into portions to be fed every 3hours.
How do one address a 4 months old baby who is always interested in eating adult meal and cries profusely when ever he sees adult a...
The baby is just 4 months..... Complementary feeding should be started at 6 months. Continue to breastfeed the baby exclusively.
I had c-section to deliver my baby about a week ago, and am also on BP drug, can I supplement sma gold with breast milk?
Since it is possible that anti-hypertensive medications can affect breast milk production, flow and some drugs may not be compatible with breastfeeding if that's your case. You can introduce any age appropriate formula of your choice.
Please, my worry is what happens to the milk in an engorged breast after weaning? And won't the remaining milk in the breast cause...
The milk will eventually dry up, please avoid squeezing it. And no it won't cause any disease.
Please what could cause breast milk to flow and after some days it will stop flowing?
The key to breast milk
production is demand for breastfeeding.
The more you supplement with formula the
less the milk production. The key to
production is the baby sucking on the
breast frequently and you relaxing your
mind. Worry and anxiety can also reduce breast
milk production. Drink more fluid, water is
I saw breast milk and mucus coming
out from my son's nose when
breastfeeding him in laying position. What
could be the ca...
Please stop breast feeding while
lying down if you don't know how to
do it. That is why the breastmilk is
leaking from the nostrils and this can
be dangerous!!! It is better you sit up
for now to breastfeed.
Pls how do i know if a breast is empty, so as to know when to switch?
When breast is empty, it feels flat and you need to press hard to get a drop of milk out of it unlike a
full breast that feels heavy and gushes out milk when pressed.
A friend of mine her baby is 3months but she just got
to know her breastmilk is not coming out, pls any remedy?
To increase breast milk supply, you need to eat well, drink lots of water and fluid generally. But most importantly relax, avoid stress as much as possible. Also note that, milk supply is a direct response to demand the more baby is put to
breast, the more the milk generated.
Pls can I give my 7months old baby Quaker oats? He was exclusively fed but has refused to eat any kind of food except breast milk,...
Yes, you can give your baby Quaker Oats.
My baby (3weeks today) grunts each time she wants to poop, she's on EBF.At times while she's grunting and pushing, breastmilk comes out from her mouth and nose and it almost choked her last night, tha...
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You can keep them in the car seat put in an upright position if you are too tired or busy to carry them that long...others can help too.....sometimes that may not work and ....but we will do that only if it so bad and not allowing the baby to gain weight....please see your paediatricians for further management at that point