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Can I refreeze breastmilk again after it has melted? I took out some milk from the deep freezer which I melted in warm water. I wa...
Dr Aina Johnson


You should always take out just what you need. You should not freeze again but use as soon as possible today
Why isn't one of my breasts producing enough milk? And my left side is bigger than the other one! Please, is it normal?
Dr Aina Johnson


Kindly ensure you breastfeed with both breasts. The more the baby sucks a breast, the more breast milk that will be produced from the breast. Ensure the baby is properly latched on. You might need to allow the baby suck from the other breast more to make it equally produce more milk.
I weaned my baby in July but decided to start breastfeeding her again 2 days ago because she is strong and doesnt eat at all. pls...She is a year and 4 months. She is on medication. She has been stooling since Monday. Took her to d hospital yesterday and drugs w...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Loss of appetite may be the first symptom of sickness…...please be patient with your baby and keep offering food to your baby Also, as regards to her not feeding well ma, kindly take it easy with her it is a gradual process.
I have a 6 weeks old baby & she is on just breast milk. D milk does come out of her nose even after a long time of intake or belch...
What you just described is called gastroesophageal reflux, just a jargon that says food return from the stomach to the oesophagus after feed instead of staying down. For such babies, you need to keep them upright for up to 30 minutes or more after each feed so it stays down.
my baby always bring out breastmilk from her mouth and nose. I want to if it is normal and if not, what we can do to stop it.
Dr Aina Johnson


She may have what we call Gastroesophageal reflux. Just a jargon that says food return from the stomach to the oesophagus after feed instead of staying down. For such babies, you need to keep them upright for up to 30 minutes or more after each feed...so it stays down. You can keep them in the car seat put in upright position if you are too tired or busy to carry them that long...others can help too.....sometimes that may not work and .... if it not allowing baby to gain weight....please see your paediatricians for further management at that point
My son 1year and 3 months and I want to wean him. How do I go about it cos sometimes he refuses to take the breastmilk?
You have to start withdrawing breastmilk bit by bit. Babies who are weaned naturally usually stop breastfeeding completely sometime between 2 and 4 years of age. Planned weaning or “mother-led weaning” happens when mothers decide to start the weaning process. A “partial wean” means substituting one or more feedings with a cup or bottle and breastfeeding at other times.
My 2 months old baby refuses to drink his bottle I have tried to change bottles I even used breast milk in his bottle but he refus...
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You should introduce the use of feeding with plate, cup and spoon. Plates and cups are easier to clean and has no hiding place for germs. Our professionals discourage the use of bottle feeding due to challenges with cleaning especially the teat and despite sterilisation, bacteria can still hide in the bottle leading to infection.
What can I use my baby is two weeks already and I still don't have enough milk in my breast to feed her, she has been taking nan1,...
Eat healthily, Rest well, drink water a lot and do not worry. Please, Relax!!! Check out our Breastfeeding booklet in Files section and the breastfeeding pictures on the wall. Cheers!!! You can breastfeed successfully! Yes, You can do it!”
Good day mothers and doctors in the house, please can I start giving my baby pap with NAN at 3months, breast milk is no longer eno...
Try to wait until 6 months. Try to see a lactation expert to help you
Pls mums and doc in the house, is't possible to conceive while breast milk is still coming out from one's breast,
Your best chance of conceiving while breastfeeding is to have regular, unprotected sex. Breastfeeding stimulates a hormone called prolactin, sometimes called the milk hormone. High levels of prolactin stop you from ovulating.
Good evening doctors and mothers in the house, i did exclusive without water for my baby for six months and I introduced nutribom...
Please, don't force her. Try switching to other products like Aptamil or cerelac
Can a breast milk go bad? Please shed light on this issue.
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Yes it can go bad if it is already outside the mothers breast..But while still stored in the mum's breasts, it can't.
Good evening moms ND docs in the room, please I stop giving my baby breast day before yesterday ND since then my breast is getting...
Kola Yetunde

Mother of 2 boys, Expecting

This happened because you stop too suddenly. You need to do this rapidly. You get?
Hello mums and doctors in the house, please how can someone dry up breast milk when she is done with breast feeding?
Pls foods to eat to boost breast milk flow?
Good attachment will help a baby get more milk and make breastfeeding more comfortable. This video below shows why good attachment is so important to breastfeeding success and what a mother can do to deeply attach her baby to her breast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6DRf5TqqRU
I just gave birth 12 days ago. For the first 7days the baby is very okay and growing fine but now my major problem is lack of brea...
lactation is all about demand and supply; the more you put your baby to breast, the more milk you produce. A good way of producing more is also expressing your breast milk. by expressing, you are inadvertently signalling to your body to produce more. Eating well and resting well also contribute to a good milk supply. Get someone to attend to baby while you catch a good nap. Wish you all the best.
Pls help FTM my baby boy of 8 months since don't eat any food expect breast milk.have tried so many things but he is strong and ca...
Am in ph how can I get dis August secret is it cereal
IN NEED OF A RELIABLE BREAST PUMPGood day moms. Please I need advice on the best double breast pump in Lagos and stores that sell same. Thanks
You can get it on jumia, konga or PEP stores in Lagos
My daughter is 5months and she changes a very wet diaper once a day. Please, does that mean she's not getting enough breast milk?...
Some diapers are hyper dry. Ensure that your baby is well fed. Babies normally pass urine within 30minutes of adequate breastfeeding or liquid intake . You may need to remove the diaper and see the stream. You can also take the baby for proper examination and appropriate decision .
what are the Local Nigerian foods that can boost milk Supply?
Tiger juice. Mixture of soyabeans, dates,crayfish, groundnut(optional). These produce enough breast milk.