My baby of 10 month is not eating anything, he only takes breastmilk. What should i do?
The minimum duration of time to stop breastfeeding a baby is 6 months. There is no problem if you are still breastfeeding your child at 10 months because breastmilk contains the nutrients and immunity the child needs. However, you should try introducing complementary feed to your child in order to wean him/her slowly off breastmilk. You should also try to cook and give soft foods like mashed potatoes, diced vegetables, pureed fruits. Do not introduce salt or any sugary food to your child at this age, you can also mix unsweetened yoghurt with your breastmilk or infant formula but it shouldn't be drank alone.
You should also try to eat where your child is to encourage him/her to want to try to eat.
Breastmilk alone is not enough for your baby at this age. Keep offering variety of complementary food and feed him patiently by yourself. Feeding children you need a good dose of patience.