Please am breast feeding, what's the cure for wounds around the nipples?
There are nipple creams and nipple shields that would help protect your nipple while it heals.
Alternatively, you can express till the nipple heals.
To prevent future occurrences, you need to work on your baby's latching. A good latch is never painful.
You can get the lasinoh lanolin cream over the counter at any good pharmacy or baby shop for the nipple sore. You can also express the milk from the sore breasts and feed baby till the sore heals.

Most complaints of sore nipples, engorged breast, pain when breastfeeding and eventual mastitis or breast abscess have to do with improper attachment of the baby to the breast. Painful breasts mostly has to do with the baby sucking or chewing on the nipple, painful for the mother and frustrating for the baby.

For a successful and painless breastfeeding session, the whole of the nipple and majority of the areola (dark part) must be in the baby's mouth. Sit comfortably and let baby come to meet your breast and not you slouching to meet the baby. Additionally, always alternate the breasts between feeds. Let one breast empty first before switching to another.

And if you still feel you are not putting baby rightly on the breast, complain at the hospital so as to be directed.