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Please can a breastfeeding mother take postinor 2?
Postinor-2 is only intended as an emergency measure. If you have not already done so you should discuss with your doctor other methods of long term contraception.
You should not breast feed within three days after taking Postinor-2.
What's ur take about breastfeeding and alcohol intake?
A breastfeeding mum cannot take alcohol.
I discovered I'm pregnant and I have a seven months old baby. He was exclusivelv breastfed for
six months. Please should I cont...
Yes you can continue, as long as you are up to it. Babies can continue breastfeeding until they are 2, but you most likely may not accomplish that. Just give as long as you can, Ensure you eat healthy too as well as try to establish adequate complementary feeds..
Is there an app that tells me how long my baby cried throughout the day? Any app? Curious!I am a new mum curious about why my baby cries especially at the oddest times. Is there an app that can help me know the time and...
Yes. I actually started using my Baby Cry tracker app. I got early access through a friend. It's currently invite-only.
It gives me daily reports showing trends of how much my baby cried, and what at the time of the day she cries most of the time, and I also get to see week-to-week comparisons as my baby grows.

You can request invites here bit.ly/BabyCryTracker
What can I do? I have very small nipple, the milk comes out is also little, my baby still go hungry after 15mins suck. Even when I...
As a breastfeeding mother, you need to take lots of fluids and eat well balanced diet.
Also offer breast more for baby suck more often your body will be stimulated to produce more milk for baby.
When you have tried all this and no improvement, kindly go to hospital and see a lactation consultant.
My baby of 10 weeks has been stooling since yesterday night although it stopped this morning but started again. Can I give her ORS...
Kindly note that it is unusual for babies on ebf to have diarrhoea. If the stool sinks completely into diaper then it's diarrhoea.
You can give your baby ORS but if it persists kindly take your baby to the hospital.
Is it safe to take omega h3 when you are breastfeeding? My baby is 7 weeks old
Yes if you want to. Not absolutely necessary though if you eat food rich in sea foods especially fish oil; good source of Omega 3 fats
What can make a baby of four months nose to be making sound during breastfeeding?
It depends on the sound. It may be normal or abnormal so you may need to take the child to see a doctor who can evaluate the child first to know if the sound is something to worry about or not
What are those Nigerian food a breastfeeding mom can take to make her baby chubby and healthy?
There is no special diet for breastfeeding mom, all your need to eat is good well nourishing balanced diet and avoid medications not prescribed by the doctor and also alcohol
My 3 months old baby and I have cold. Can i still breastfeed him? He is pure breastfeed, no formulated milk.
Please continue breastfeeding your baby
Breast feedingGood day
Please what can I take to have enough breast milk.
Enough Pap with little milk
I’m a breastfeeding mother each time am breast feeding my armpit and my private will be itching me. I don't know what could be t...
This might not have anything to do with breastfeeding. It could be due to rash or skin irritation.
Please can a breastfeeding mum take deworming drug. If yes, which drug will be good?
Yes a Breastfeeding mother can deworm herself with ALBENDAZOLE 400mg taken once.. It's an over the counter (OTC) drug hence we can prescribe it here online.
Can a pregnant woman still continue with breastfeeding? if yes then for how long?
Yes ma’am. As long as you are up to it and able to keep up with the caloric requirement/demand of the new pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Is it normal for a baby to sweat during breastfeeding?
It is normal. If sweating is excessive during the cold weather or in the air-conditioned room when everyone else is feeling cold... Please see a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation.
However if it's mostly while breastfeeding, there is no need to worry as SUCKING IS HARD WORK so it is OK TO SWEAT"
Please my sister's baby is not getting enough breast milk due to the mother's flat nipples. The baby cannot suck her breast, the b...
We always advocate exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months. We also know it can be difficult to breast feed with a flat nipple.
But as it is now, your sister is already tensed as a result of the difficulty to breastfeed.
Let her know that emotion and state of mind can affect milk production. How often she eats and relax matters too. She should check all these and make them balanced. Definitely she will produce more milk for the baby. She should take plenty fluids like water, pap e.t.c and can also put baby to breast often, the suckling reflex will induce milk production.
Is it good to breastfeed a baby of 10month while pregnant?
Breastfeeding your baby while pregnant is safe as long as you are able to keep up with the caloric requirement/demand of the new pregnancy and breastfeeding.
My daughter of 15 weeks always watch people in the house eating and someone told me that it will make her to stop sucking on time....
That is not true.

Please ensure your baby is exclusively breastfed in the first 6 months after which you can introduce complementary feeding and still breastfeed till at least 2 years as advised by WHO.
My baby is 1 year and 3months old but she is not walking yet. Can I stop breastfeeding now or continue till she starts walking?
There is no relationship between breastfeeding and walking. You can continue breastfeeding your baby. WHO recommends breastfeeding for 2 years and beyond.
What can I apply on my nipples that my baby has decorated with wound because of sucking?
Sore and cracked nipples occur when your baby's mouth is not properly attached to the breast. When breastfeeding, your baby's mouth should cover not just the nipple but the nipple and the areola that is the dark area above the nipple, that way your baby can properly latch and there wouldn't be room for cracked and sour nipples.