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Is it right to doke a baby up when she is sleeping in the night to breastfeed her or to Wait till she wakes up any time in the nig...
You can wake your baby up to breastfeed.
What could be the cause for a six weeks old baby to pour out immediately after breastfeeding.
I want to believe you meant Regurgitation .....This is common in infant.
During this 2 years of breast feeding as approved by WHO,is it possible for a mother on this not to see her period?
It is called LACTATION AMENORRHEA ie Breastfeeding suppression of ovulation and menstruation as a form of Family planning is not 100% Full Proof.... YOU CAN GET PREGNANT even without any menstruation. Kindly USE PROTECTION or additional form of Family planning
My baby is 10 days old ,the clamped part of her navel is yet to rip off and she last poo 3 days ago. Is there any cause for worry?...
It can take up to 14-21 days in some babies before theirs cords fall off.
Is it good for a baby of almost 11months to take fried egg.
2. Is it good for a breastfeeding mother to take lipton tea.
Yes you can give fried egg but in moderation. It is okay for your child to be on family meals.
That's the best. Using the family food... Just make you are giving protein as well... Eggs, fish, beans (peeled), fruits and vegetables.

You can take Lipton tea sparingly not always.
1. Is it good for a baby of almost 11 months to take fried egg?
2. Is it good for a breastfeeding mother to take lipton tea?
Yes you can give fried egg but in moderation.It is okay for your child to be on family meals.
You can take Lipton tea sparingly not always.
Can I stop breastfeeding my child at 1 year and 1 month?
WHO recommends breastfeeding up to 2 Years and beyond.
Is there medicine to rub on the breast nipples to prevent it from being hurt when breastfeeding a child?
What do you mean by being hurt? Please do not apply any medicine on the nipples before breastfeeding the baby. Ensure your baby is well attached to the breast... All the nipple and areola should be in the mouth of the baby so as to avoid the baby sucking or biting on the nipples...this will prevent the nipple pain or sores.
Low lactatingPlease today is 15days after I delivered and my breast is not bringing milk I have tried everything (pap, palmwine, tea, kunu, coc...
Dr Aina Johnson


A small number of new mums have difficulty producing enough breast milk due to medical reasons, which include:

Excessive blood loss (more than 500 ml) during the birth or retained fragments of the placenta can delay your milk coming in (which usually happens around three days after the birth).

A history of polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes, thyroid or other hormonal disorders. Mums with these conditions sometimes experience a low milk supply. The rare medical condition mammary hypoplasia, in which there isn’t enough milk-producing glandular tissue within the breast.

Previous breast surgeries or breast trauma – although many mums who have had surgery go on to breastfeed successfully. If any of these conditions applies to you, see a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist.
Do you recommend multivitamins like abidec to be given to a baby on exclusive breastfeeding?
You can give but not absolutely necessary especially if the mum is also taking postnatal multivitamins as well
If you are planning to get pregnant 14 months after your previous child, when are you likely to stop breastfeeding that child? Is...
We encourage you to space the children by 2 years.....so you can completely recover before embarking on another journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding
I stopped breastfeeding last week for my baby, He is 2 years. I have not seen my menstruation.
Its a NORMAL PHENOMENON.....IT is not a problem and it will eventually return...No need to worry but you can see a gynaecologist if still concerned.
Can a breast feeding mom take honey?
Yes. There is no special diet for breastfeeding mom, all your need to eat is good well nourishing balanced diet and avoid medications not prescribed by the doctor and also alcohol.
My 9 months old daughter has refuse to take any other thing aside breast. Have being tried different food and family food yet to n...
You need to be very patient while you introduce new foods to baby. One food at a time. Also ensure that you make baby's food as attractive as you can.
While you're at it, please continue with breastfeeding.
What can I do to a month old baby that milk comes from the nose while sleep after been breastfed?
You have to keep the baby in an upright position for 30mins or more after feeding to prevent the food coming back up.
My 5weeks old baby's have difficulty in breathing after eating
You need to take your baby to the hospital for proper management. Please treat as urgent
My son of 7 weeks has breakage on his head. His front hair is a bit deep and when I gave birth to him they said he has line on his...
Oka ori: If you are not from Nigeria, you may be lost from the title alone. The typical Naija Mum knows what I am talking about, especially if you are from the South-Western part of the country, specifically the Yoruba tribe. The other tribes have their own names for the same condition.

The Grannies and some mums believe that there is a “hole” or “space” which is “breathing” or pulsating in the head of the new baby which is abnormal. That this soft space is not right and should not be there. Any baby that has this “abnormal space or hole” is diagnosed with “Oka”.

The “soft hole or space” often erroneously believed to be an abnormality is A NORMAL PART of the baby’s head. It is called ANTERIOR FONTANELLE (AF). Every baby has it.

It is there to allow the small spaces (sutures) between the different bones of the skull to accommodate the baby’s brain growth. So it is not “OKA” or any other thing….It is a normal part of the baby’s head.
Please is it good to start take green tea if my baby start taking solid food and cereals? My baby will be 6months soon.
No, taking green tea is not recommended for a nursing mother.
4 months old baby PooingMy baby of 4 months is pooing for over two weeks now not stopping what should I do.
Babies on EBF can poo several times daily and sometimes not poo for days. Stool with Semi formed solids like melon is normal for EBF babies as long as the stools is not watery. That does not sink into the diaper like urine. Then it's normal
Can I give Soya beans to my 5 months old baby?Can I put soya beans powder in my 5 months baby pap
Hello ma'am, do not give anything yet. Exclusive breastfeeding means breastmilk only. Kindly wait till the baby is 6months old before starting complementary feeding. Read more on complementary feeding on the group wall and also on our website. https://babymigo.com/babymigo/learn/why-you-should-consider-exclusive-breastfeeding-for-your-baby