Feeding concerns My baby will be 8 months in 3 days and the struggle to get her to eat has worsened. Before, if I'm able to put food in her mouth,she will eat it. But now she spits out every bit of food. All she wants is to breastfeed and the breast milk does not satisfy her for long. I've tried a number of age appropriate solids and formula, but she refuses all. Please help me. She's not gaining weight as she ought to. She's active and lively but once she sees her plate or she's carried to be fed, the cries and kicks will start.
Hi mama, first of all.. I’d like to let you know that you’re doing really great.
What you’re experiencing is very normal for babies and it’s just a phase and it would soon pass . I’ve experienced it 4 times. I just kept breastfeeding a lot, it wasn’t filling her but at least she wasn’t starving. Don’t worry about her weight gain, she’ll definitely pick up when she starts eating again. What matters is that she’s healthy and from the playing and being active, it’s safe to assume that. You can have pediatrician check her and confirm she’s okay just to put your mind at ease. I hope this helps, all the best.