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My baby of 8 months is a rice eater, I feed her homemade rice meals daily. I read about arsenic which scares me. Kindly educate me...
You should feed your baby other foods except rice. Please keep trying varieties for your baby. You also need to be patient and introduce the food one after the other.
My baby of 8months likes dragging bread with us, if you dip it inside water or her milk to make it soft she will reject it, she pr...
Feeding concernsMy baby will be 8 months in 3 days and the struggle to get her to eat has worsened. Before, if I'm able to put food in her mouth,s...
Hi mama, first of all.. I’d like to let you know that you’re doing really great.
What you’re experiencing is very normal for babies and it’s just a phase and it would soon pass . I’ve experienced it 4 times. I just kept breastfeeding a lot, it wasn’t filling her but at least she wasn’t starving. Don’t worry about her weight gain, she’ll definitely pick up when she starts eating again. What matters is that she’s healthy and from the playing and being active, it’s safe to assume that. You can have pediatrician check her and confirm she’s okay just to put your mind at ease. I hope this helps, all the best.
I noticed my 8 months old son prefers to take pap without milk and has refused to eat. what do I do?
Kindly use your expressed Breast milk with the pap and breastfeed regularly too.
What can I use to dry my eight months daughters swollen breast
Kindly leave the breast alone, it will resolve on it's own. It is as a result of maternal estrogen levels at work in the newborn.

But if you are still worried, see a paediatrician to rule out mastitis or abscess.
What is the home remedy for constipation in a 8 months old baby?
Various factors can lead to constipation in children. Common causes include early toilet training and changes in diet. Fortunately, most cases of constipation in children are temporary.
Treatment of constipation includes, consuming plenty of fluid.......as children increase in age increases the amount of water they must take each day. Give drugs to help with the stools to come out....what we call laxatives of which there are different types - sometimes we need to combine them. Examples of such drugs include liquid paraffin, lactulose, sorbitol etc. Eat Plenty of food rich in fiber especially fruits and vegetables. Some of these fruits are also rich in the laxative agent sorbitol like Prunes, apple and so on
Can I add palm oil to 8 month old pap, also if custard is OK?
Yes, you can add it to the pap.
Is it advisable to use glucose in the pap of an eight months old baby?
No, do not add glucose to your baby’s pap rather use only age (6 - 12 months) appropriate formula.
Please my baby is already 8 months old no sign of bringing out teeth
and she has not even started standing by herself. Please w...
It is normal ma, If no tooth erupts at one
year then kindly see a Paediatric
dentist for evaluation but for now,
there's nothing to worry about.
Can a baby of eight months take tea(Milo and milk)?
No, do not give any form of tea - milo, bournvita e.t.c before the age of 1. Kindly give age appropriate formula/milk.
My baby is 8months old but hasn't brought out any teeth hope nothing is wrong, please?
Your baby is teething when his or her first set of teeth, called primary teeth break through the gums.
When does teething typically start?
Teething usually begins around 6 months of age. But it is normal for teething to start at any time between 3 months and 12 months of age. By the time your child is about 3 years old, he or she will have all 20 primary teeth.
The lower front teeth usually come in first. Upper front teeth usually come in 1 to 2 months after the lower front teeth.
Good evening doctors. Pls, my baby of a year and eight months has sores all over his mouth. He has refused to eat anything since y...
Dear mum, the sore in your baby's mouth could be as a result of the illness.
However, kindly take the baby back to the hospital for treatment of sore development.
I don't know which cream to use on my 8 months old baby. Her hair scalp, face, ears are fair in complexion but the other parts re...
Dr Aina Johnson


We do not recommend any brand of cream, kindly avoid heavily perfumed products. Use hypoallergenic products like vaseline blue seal without perfume, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, sebamed products e.t.c. The chances of allergic reaction is less with such. You can also use the popular products as long as your children does not react to them.
My baby of 8months has been coughing since Friday and I have been giving her Broncholyte instead of the cough to subside it is of...
Kindly note that most cough and cattarh are usually due to viral infection which will normally run their course with or without any form of treatment
My baby is 8 months and two weak but temperature is too much
Hello ma'am, how did you check the temperature?
Is it normal for an 8 months baby girl to have light vaginal bleeding
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No it's not Normal. Please take your child to a teaching hospital nearest to you to been seen by a Paediatric Endocrinologist.
Treat as urgent.All the best.
Can i feed my 8 months old with food that the rest of the family is eating?she dislike marshed food so how do i feed her
es Ma you can offer your baby family meals, but make sure the fool is well cooked and soft, the bone fish before giving her, introduce one male at a time and watch out for allergies.
Can I give my 8months baby Hollandia yoghurt?
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Hello ma'am, yes you can give your baby yoghurt but the unsweetened ones will be preferable.
God bless the good works that you do. My baby of 8 months eats very little (less than 5 baby spoon), and if forced to take more, h...
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Dear mom, complimentary feeding requires a lot of patience, you have to keep trying new food for your baby and make meal time fun time for your baby. Please do not force food
I have a preterm baby of 8 months and for some weeks I observed he's always having seizure/convulsion like 3-4 times a day and ha...
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Please take the child back to the hospital for proper medical care. Most children with medication will stop having the seizures and after two years of no seizures, the medications can be gradually tailed off.