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My daughter is eight months old, can she eat Quaker oat?
Besides, you can add some milk to make the taste of the meal even better. Most kids are introduced to solid meals when they turn 6-8 months old.i.e Once babies are between 6 months and 12 months old, they can eat thicker foods that have more texture. This could include oatmeal that you prepare at home either on the stove or microwave or by mixing hot water and instant oatmeal. Since oats are rich in zinc, vitamins, magnesium, protein and other useful components, it can become an amazing meal for your baby
Good evening, gave birth 8 months ago, my flow came when baby was 5 months old and saw it last December, I have not seen it this y...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Are you breastfeeding your baby exclusively? It is most likely to be as a result of exclusive breastfeeding
Pls help FTM my baby boy of 8 months since don't eat any food expect breast milk.have tried so many things but he is strong and ca...
Am in ph how can I get dis August secret is it cereal
My daughter of 8 months plus, has been running temperature at night consecutively for two days now and in the day time, her temper...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

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After three days of fever, the child gets a rash. If your child is drowsy, you must call the doctor immediately. Three-day fever is a highly contagious childhood disease caused by a virus. ... Already after 2 years of age, far most children have had three-day fever.
My baby rejected my right side breast since birth and she's 8months_+ but she sucks the breast when I was fast asleep. Hope she's...
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It is not going to have any negative effect. Breast milk from the breast does not go sour. Only the one that was expressed and stored inappropriately can go bad.
My 8 months baby has nose bleeding.I have been taking her to the clinic but they haven't given me anything. What can be the cause?...
Dr Fabusuyi G.I

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You can sit your baby upright on your lap and slightly lean her forward, letting her chest rest on your right palm while you await the clinic's attention. You can subsequently trim her finger nails to avoid future occurrence from nose picking. It would resolve. Cheers.
Can i give my 8 months baby oats?He doesn't want to take any other things except breast milk and it's very frustrating
I used to blend it dry to powder before making it for my 8 months old
My baby's tough dry skin that peels off after few days and is recurrentMy baby is 8 months old when he was 4 months, he started having tough dry skin that peels off after few days and is recurrent. P...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

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Please visit a dermatologist for proper examination of the skin meanwhile you can use a hypoallergenic cream like Sebamed before seeing the dermatologist. Also, watch out for your post on common skin conditions and management by using the search button
Why am I adding weight after 8 month of delivery ?
Pls I need ur responds urgently, my 8 months baby's head is always very hot, and I was told his teething..pls what to I do to ease...
Take him to clinic
What can i give my 8months twins to make them add up more because they are not as big as before and they don't eat as before. I'm...
Try giving them a multivitamin
My 8 months baby is coughing due to his nose that is blocked with cartahh. Pls wat can I use for her Tnks
@Ayodeji15861, ma same thing happen to my 1month old baby, can I also gv him these.
Please help a fellow mother my baby is eight months old and am a month pregnant should I stop breastfeeding the baby? please I n...
U can continue breastfeeding her till you can at least for d next 2 months and gradually introduce semisolids to your baby so you could wean her easily. But make sure u eat balanced diet, eat an egg daily, take ur prenatal vitamins and book early for antenatal. All the best!
How best can I wean ? My Baby is 8 months old. He takes adult food pretty well and I have started thinking of weaning him off bre...
Is he walking yet? Please breastfeed your baby to atleast 1year since he is not rejecting the breast milk. As they grow up they tend to enjoy breastfeeding more especially boys.
My baby is eight months old and she likes to suck only on the right hand side hope there is no problem feeding her only on the rig...
It's not ideal to breastfeed on one side alone as this will cause the other breast to be engorged... Please give her the other side and be sure you're putting her to latch on the breast comfortably. Good luck mom
My baby is 8 months old she hasn't grown tooth neither is she crawling. Is there anything to worry about?
@oojaoyetola,tnks for your concern.. She rolls over without stress, she drools too but ni swollen gums yet
My baby is over 8months, He doesn't want to stand on both feet at the same time. He keeps using one to stand and the other his alw...
Yes it happens
Can I give my boy of 8 months Ribena and which milk should I introduce?
Kola Yetunde

Mother of 2 boys, Expecting

Please note that NO RIBENA before the age of 1 year! On milk, you should continue breastfeeding while introducing the complementary feeds (apple, carrot, avocado, pear puree etc) and you can use in addition any age-appropriate formula that is for children aged 6 – 12 months!