How To Increase PCV With Ugwu Juice During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman's life that is filled with several changes. Part of these changes can end up having detrimental effects on the mother if she doesn't receive proper care. Ensuring your optimal health for both you and your baby is necessary in this period. 


One way to do this is to naturally boost your cell volume by incorporating ugwu juice into your diet. Let's explore the possibilities of this simple addition to your diet which can help enhance your pregnancy journey.


What is PCV?

PCV stands for Packed Cell Volume and is a measurement of the proportion of blood that is made up of cells. Red blood cells account for nearly all the cells tested for by the PCV. An increase in PCV is usually an increase in the number of red blood cells. 


The packed cell volume of pregnant women fluctuates due to changes in the body system. PCV is expressed as a percentage, for example, a PCV of 30% means that there are 30 milliliters of cells in 100 milliliters of blood.



Normal PCV range during pregnancy 

The normal PCV range in a blood test in pregnant females is around 33-38%. Due to the presence of high fluids in the body during pregnancy, the PCV of pregnant women is usually lesser than the normal PCV range for females. In some cases, where pregnant women have a PCV of about 30%, are commonly seen as a mild anemic situation. 


Importance of PCV during pregnancy 

* Monitoring the PCV level during pregnancy is essential in assessing the health status and physiological changes in the woman's body.


* A low packed cell volume can be a determinant for anemia. Maintaining the PCV levels is adequate for preventing anemia as it is linked to iron deficiency.


* Understanding the packed cell volume aids in detecting abnormal blood disorders and allowing for timely intervention.


* Crucially, it can aid in assessing response to treatment especially when it comes to diseases that affect the blood or hemoglobin levels.


How to use ugwu juice for PCV during pregnancy 

Fluted pumpkin leaves popularly known as “ugwu” in the eastern part of Nigeria are a great means of increasing Packed Cell Volume in Pregnancy.


Here’s how to use the ugwu juice to maintain PCV levels during pregnancy:


  1. Prepare your fresh ugwu leaves by blending the leaves to extract the nutrient-rich fluid
  2. Strain the leaves from the fluids with a sieve so you're left with just the fluid.
  3. Incorporate the fluid into your diet either by drinking it alone or adding it to homemade juices


Ugwu leaf has amazing nutritional benefits and contains folate which is essential for increasing blood levels in the human body. Regular consumption of ugwu juice helps boost maternal and fetal health while ensuring you and your growing baby are nourished.


By incorporating fresh ugwu juice into your diet, you can harness its great potential for you and your baby. Regardless, it is important to consult your doctor before taking in ugwu juice just to be safe for you and your baby.



 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can ugwu juice cure malaria during pregnancy?

There is no specific information noting ugwu juice as a treatment for malaria during pregnancy. There is no evidence to support claims that ugwu juice can cure malaria.


  1. Can I use ugwu juice to increase my blood?

Ugwu juice can help increase your blood levels due to the folate constituent.


  1. Is ugwu juice good for pregnant women?

Ugwu juice is safe for pregnant women as it is packed with a lot of nutrients.


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