CS Series 3- “My First Time Cesarean Section Story“

Hello there,

My name is Temitope (not my real name) and this is my first-time cesarean section story.



Before Getting Pregnant

Prior to getting pregnant, I knew almost nothing about C.S but usually heard popular sayings like;


  • 1. Cesarean Section is not the ideal delivery method

  • 2. Giving birth through Cesarean Section is not biblical

  • 3. Strong women don't give birth through Cesarean Section




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During Pregnancy

At week 31 of my pregnancy, I went for my regular antenatal checkup when my doctor briefly mentioned I may need to give birth via a C.Section. I immediately rebuked it! At week 35, I had another scan and the doctors discovered my baby was in a breech position. I was advised to prepare for C.S if the baby doesn't turn at week 40 seeing that I was a first-time mum and they wouldn't want to put my baby and I at risk.


I became disoriented following that visit. I got home and started fasting, praying, and making several declarations against a C.Section delivery.




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Giving Birth to My Baby

After the third day of water fasting without food, I fell sick and was rushed to the hospital where I was warned to stop fasting immediately. At week 38, I was rushed to the hospital again after severe overnight cramps. The doctor confirmed my worst fear! A Cesarean Section needed to be done within 24 hours to save our lives. I reminisced on C.S stories I had heard and prepared for the worst.


I wrote a Goodbye Note addressed to my husband.


Honestly, I was so scared and wasn’t sure if this was going to be my last day on earth. I thought to myself “why not make the best use of it”. So, I decided to pen a goodbye note to my supportive husband.


Less than 24 hours later, I woke up with a baby beside me. Everything seemed quick and less eventful than I thought.I was fine. my baby was fine.”




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How Friends & Family Reacted to my C.S Delivery

While at the hospital, a handful of friends and family came to visit me. One woman in particular jokingly called me lazy for not being able to have a vaginal delivery. Another woman encouraged me to be more prayerful when next I am pregnant.


I hated those comments and NO WOMAN should have to go through the emotional trauma such comments evoke!!!


As a society, let’s be more supportive and endearing to women regardless of their childbirth options.


#IAmNotMyScar #ProudCSMom



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