Essential Tips To Help You Prepare For A C-section In Nigeria


An elective c-section is one in which you plan the delivery date of your baby even before labour starts instead of waiting for labour to begin naturally. This may be advised for several reasons, including prior caesarean sections, a baby who presents breech position, or certain medical issues like preeclampsia and so on. Depending on your health and situation, a scheduled c-section may be an option for you, so it's crucial to know the steps and things to take into consideration.


What is a planned c-section?

A planned caesarean section (C-section) is a surgical operation in which the mother's abdomen and uterus are cut open to deliver the baby. It’s a C-section that is scheduled ahead of time, mostly before labour starts, as opposed to an emergency C-section, which is carried out in reaction to complications during labour.


Essential tips to prepare for an elective C-section

Here are some vital tips to assist you in preparing for a caesarean section in Nigeria:

  • Get a qualified doctor: Choose a trustworthy medical facility or clinic with board-certified obstetricians and surgeons who specialise in c-sections. Look into the reputation, amenities, and patient evaluations of the hospitals or maternity centres in your neighbourhood.


  • Be aware of the process: Invest some time in learning about the potential dangers and consequences of a c-section, as well as the surgical technique and available anaesthetic alternatives. Enquire about any questions or concerns you may have and ask your healthcare professional to walk you through the entire procedure.


  • Prepare yourself emotionally: If a c-section was not in your original birth plan, be aware of it and think about it thoroughly. It's common to have a range of feelings, such as fear, disappointment, or anxiety. Ensure to seek emotional support and encouragement from your family, your partner, or a counsellor.


  • Antenatal care: Throughout your pregnancy, you'll need to have constant visits to your healthcare provider for regular checks. Talk about your birth plan and any worries you may have regarding a possible c-section. In addition to keeping an eye on your health and the baby's progress, your healthcare provider can offer advice on how to get ready for a c-section if needed.


  • Prepare your hospital bag: Fill it with necessities for both you and your child, such as clean, comfortable clothes, toiletries, food, and baby care supplies. All necessary documents, including your birth plan, insurance details, and medical records, should be included and kept handy.


  • Prepare for postpartum: Get your house ready and make plans for assistance and support throughout the postpartum phase. Stock the house with necessary supplies, like nursing necessities, comfy clothes, and postpartum pads. To give yourself time to rest and heal following the procedure, make arrangements for help with housework, child care, and meal preparation.


  • Plan your transportation: Make early plans for how you will arrive at the hospital for the c-section and how you will return home. If you reside in a rural place or want to deliver during the night, be sure you have a dependable form of transportation available.


  • Keep yourself updated: Be up to date about your rights and alternatives throughout childbirth in Nigeria, especially the availability of medical procedures like caesarean sections. Learn about the policies and practices of the local healthcare system around birthing, and speak up for your needs and preferences during the labour and delivery process.


  • Obey your doctor's postoperative instructions: Following a c-section, abide by the guidelines given by your doctor for wound care, pain management, and activity limitations. Keep all scheduled follow-up appointments, and promptly let your healthcare provider know about any issues or concerns.


  • Seek support: During the c-section procedure and the postpartum period, surround yourself with family, loved ones, friends, and medical experts who can offer encouragement, support, and guidance in your time of need.



Considerable thought and planning are necessary to ensure a safe and effective delivery experience when preparing for a caesarean section (C-section) in Nigeria. When you pay close attention to all this important information and pointers, you will go through a c-section in Nigeria with confidence and make sure that everything works out best for you and your baby.

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