4 quick ways to get back to shape after delivery of your baby

Gaining weight during pregnancy is extremely easy, many mums can testify to this. While losing the excess weight gained can be much harder and might not come naturally. So how do we get our pre-baby body back? The first thing to note is that the best time to get rid of postpartum fat is immediately you are done having your baby, don’t wait for too long or it starts to become permanent.  Our mission is to get that pre-Baby Body Back; these are a few tips to ensure you are closer to your body goals.



  • Breast-Feeding
    Apart from the fact that it is an absolutely enjoyable and healthy experience for your baby, this bonding activity can help a nursing mother to burn calories daily. Little wonder mothers feel so hungry when they breastfeed, it's because you burn fat in that process. The fact that breastfeeding helps in burning calories or belly fat doesn't mean you should starve yourself so that you will lose all your fat. You must eat well so that you will have sufficient nutrient to pass on to the baby and also keep you the mother healthy enough to do other strenuous activities that will help you burn belly fat.


  • Proper Nutrition
    In this journey, it is important to eat a balanced diet each time with little portions of carbohydrates and more protein. Breakfast is the most important meal of your diet plan, Have whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of low-fat dairy products. As simple as it sounds Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily, it really helps to keep you fresh and light. Bottom line is that there should be a reduction in heavy food consumption


  • Regular Exercise Regimen.                                                                                                Getting back to exercise should be a gradual process, but you can always start some simple exercises after you are through Six weeks of postpartum. Experts say one of the easiest ways to begin a postpartum exercise routine is by walking. As time goes on gradually increase the intensity of the exercises. Any form of exercise that makes a woman sweat is good. You can also visit the gym rather than trying to do it all by yourself home at least you will have the right support from the gym instructors and mothers like yourself.



  • To lose weight, get enough rest                                                                                            If your baby is sleeping, it is advised that mothers should too. Baby’s needs can impose strange sleep cycles on mothers and this can upset your metabolism and make it hard to lose pregnancy weight. Sleeping when the baby sleeps will allow you to avoid any long-term sleep deficits that will keep your energy levels high and help keep sugar cravings for energy in check. If you don’t    get enough sleep, you won’t be strong enough to keep yourself moving through your waking hours, let alone to work out.A baby stays 9 months in the womb before delivery; at least allow a maximum of nine months after delivery to get back into shape. Doing that will help you to remain emotionally balanced and worry less about your tummy fat while you work your way to tone it to your preferred size
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