Nigeria’s 30 Best Places For Mums To Work: 2022 Edition

Family-work balance is one of the major challenges mums face across the world. In Africa, Mums have to work four times as hard as their male counterparts. Mums frequently struggle to find a balance between work and motherhood. Women in management positions are not exempted from these challenges. Working mums are often compelled to entrust nannies, crèches, or even domestic helpers with the care of their children, occasionally requesting assistance from colleagues and approval from line managers or supervisors to attend to family emergencies.


At Babymigo, our goal is to help meet the increasing needs of young families by driving transformational initiatives that improve outcomes for working mums. The 30 Best Places for Mums to Work in Nigeria campaign is intended to identify and spotlight organisations with favourable and family-friendly work policies, benefits and internal practices.  


Following a rigorous selection process by our reputable panel of judges, we are happy to present the list of Nigeria's 30 Best Places for Mums to Work in 2022.


Sector: Banking

Sterling bank has stood out despite several narratives surrounding employee relations in the banking industry. Sterling Bank is people-oriented and provides a minimum of twelve and two paid weeks of maternity and paternity leave, respectively. 


The organization also offers a flexible hybrid work system for new mothers and backup baby care services for parents who need to monitor their children. In addition, the HR unit has a structure in place to receive and act on employee feedback, creating an enabling environment for career advancement.




2. 54GENE

Sector: Healthcare

54gene is a world-class organization with a great work ambience, providing room for growth and learning for its staff. In addition, 54gene provides onsite daycare and lactation rooms for nursing mums. New mums have access to postpartum phase-back programs to acclimatize to the work environment after long maternity leave. Employees also benefit from health insurance coverage provided by the organization. 





Sector: Consumer Goods

The multinational brand has laudable policies for working parents. Reckitt provides new parents, regardless of gender, with a substantial duration of paid leave to bond with their newborn. It also offers transition programs for new parents to help them adjust faster to the workplace after a break. 


Beyond this, Reckitt provides health insurance to its staff to cover medical bills and on-site childcare for parents who need capable hands to babysit their children while they are at work. One notable remark by a Reckitt employee highlighted the company's excellent work culture and value system, which empowers employees to reach the peak of their careers.




Sector: Telecommunications

MTN, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Nigeria and a household name, has parenting perks that match its telecommunications prowess. Every parent who has a newborn is permitted to take a considerable amount of leave, and when it is time to come back to work, MTN helps employees ease back in via postpartum phase-back exercises. 


In addition, MTN offers new mums the choice of a hybrid work system. According to an employee, working at MTN makes parenting easier as it provides facilities to support mums in watching their kids.


Sector: Media

TVC is known to be a supportive workplace for nursing and working mothers. TVC also has a crèche for staff to eliminate any workplace barriers and to provide parents peace of mind that their children are safe and learning. New mums enjoy an extended period of paid maternity leave and other benefits such as access to a working HMO to cater to medical expenses. 





Sector: Agro Allied 

Employees of Flour Mills believe the benefits package for working parents is one of the top perks of the organization. The company also has outstanding health medical coverage for members of staff. They offer 12 weeks of paid parental leave and a hybrid work system. Staff have access to other perks, including several opportunities for career advancement.





Sector: Oil and Gas

Total Nigeria is at the cutting edge of innovative solutions not only in the oil and gas sector but also with parental initiatives and support programs. New mothers are granted paid time off for at least 12 weeks as per their parental leave policy. Total Nigeria also offers subsidized child care and family health insurance. Mothers can also check on their children while they are at work, thanks to an on-site daycare.




Sector: Healthcare

Creating a mom-friendly workplace is a priority for Lagos State Teaching Hospital. This is evident in the various family-friendly workplace policies created by the Lagos State government. Employees are lavished with lengthy paid parental leave and also a postpartum phase-back exercise to help them adjust back to work. There is also the provision of baby care facilities by the government to make mums focus at work knowing their babies are safe.





Sector: Financial Services

CITN offers its employees at least 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, a phase-back program after parental leave, and sick child care. Employees are given the flexibility to balance work and home life by allowing employees to work from home alternately. Besides the opportunity to work from home, CITN also provides facilities where babies can be well nurtured and watched by capable hands while parents are at work.



Sector:  Brewery

International Breweries Plc offers a gender-neutral parental leave to its more than 1500 employees.  It gives employees the option of a hybrid work system when on leave or if necessary.  It identifies the numerous needs of a working-nursing mum and then provides courses and programs for them to enrol in after they return to work to ensure maximum productivity. International Breweries also places a high priority on employee career advancement





Sector: Financial Services

According to reports, Standard Chartered’s people culture promotes work-life balance, respect, diversity, and inclusion. The company's high regard for inclusion is shown in policies and practices for working parents. All new mums are given a minimum of 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, with each employee enjoying outstanding healthcare from HMO partners and a hybrid work model. Above all, Standard Chartered is regarded as a place that empowers ambitious women to succeed.





Sector: Healthcare

Novo Health Africa is reputed for creating and implementing policies that support working parents, including 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, a robust health insurance plan, generous paid time off, and a hybrid work system. Novo Health is also known for its relentless efforts to ensure women reach the zenith of their careers and has a track record of providing opportunities for progressive career advancement.





Sector: Food Manufacturing 

West African Seasoning Company has created an internal social community dedicated to helping working mothers transition back to the workforce. The company offers lactation rooms for employees to comfortably and privately pump. In addition, new mums take 12 weeks of paid maternity leave while fathers also take a considerable amount of time off work when their newborn arrives. In West African Seasoning Company, the sky is the limit in terms of career growth potential. 


Sector: Health care

The award-winning healthcare provider is committed to promoting the emotional well-being and mental health of its employees. Bridge Clinic is sensitive to the needs of its staff, especially parents hence it gives access to paid parental leave and an opportunity to choose a hybrid work system till new mums can fully return to work. The clinic also provides health care coverage and subsidized child care for members of staff. 





Sector: Education

BSCHT is a government-owned organization keen on stability and comfort for working mums. It ensures mums are properly paid during their maternity leave and offers a robust healthcare insurance plan to reduce the expenses that come with healthcare services.  Breastfeeding mums can bring their baby along to work because there is an onsite child care center to cater to the needs of the baby while the mother concentrates on her job.





Sector: FMCG

Nestle is home to a respectful and open-minded company culture, where each employee is treated with care. At Nestle, all new mums are offered 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and the new dads are also not left out. Nestle employees who are taking care of a child, enjoy generously subsidized child care and paid sick leave. Breastfeeding mums receive additional benefits, including lactation rooms in their offices. Nestle also has a structure that supports employees’ career advancement and growth.




Sector: Financial Services

Bank of Industry gives room for all round development and is committed to the growth of its employees. Several policies have also been put in place to create work-family balance, including paid parental leave, flexibility to work from home, healthcare packages for staff, and a lot more.





Sector: Education

The ambience at Tuteria is reportedly welcoming and family-friendly. The EduTech institution creates a favourable workplace for mums, including paid parental leave, a postpartum phase-back program, and a lactation room. In addition, Tuteria promotes and provides opportunities for professional growth and development of its staff while aiming for inclusiveness and diversity. 





Sector: Healthcare

Roche provides medical check-up benefits for its employees and family members (including spouses, parents, or parents-in-law), and additional special packages. It also offers a substantial amount of maternity leave for its female employees. Roche provides a diverse and flexible working style to create a more agile organization, which includes flexible working hours and remote working, in order to be inclusive of the various needs in a rapidly changing environment and improve the balance between work and life.


Sector: Financial Services

Interswitch is an innovative and creative company that values its staff and their contribution. The company is employee-focused, and the work culture is said to be very healthy with paid parental leave, enhanced maternity benefits, child education support, flexibility to work from home, health insurance benefits for members of staff, and a lot more. 


Interswitch has stood out among many tech companies, and recently, it announced it would be taking its spousal support benefits a notch higher by paying the spouses of its employees an allowance. This development is part of its effort to assure the utmost productivity and satisfaction of its most essential assets, the employees.





Sector: Healthcare

The multinational pharmaceutical company has a great framework in place to support staff who are parents.  It ensures mums receive paid maternity benefits and provides working HMOs for its employees and their family. Swipha is a highly reputable organization for career advancement and growth, especially for healthcare workers.





Sector: Financial Services

VGC has a commendable work structure built to support and encourage its staff, thereby facilitating exponential career growth and advancement. Its special interest in female employees has led to the development of policies designed to empower and equip working mums. They offer paid maternity leave as well as health insurance for mum and baby in addition to other benefits. 





Sector: Agro Allied

Reel Fruit invests in a happy work-life balance for its employees. In addition to paid family leave, Reel Fruit offers a phase-back program for parents so they can transition back to work seamlessly. It also has an excellent HR team that pays attention to employee feedback.





Sector: Technology 

The software company stands out by offering its employees a wide range of benefits, notably those that are family-friendly. This shows their understanding of working parents' needs and their value for their employees. Besides providing parental leave, health insurance cover, and a hybrid work system, they also have a fantastic HR team.





Sector: Telecommunications

Smile Communications provides family benefits for working parents, including paid parental leave and health insurance coverage. The company also provides its employees with professional support and on-the-job training led by a competent HR team that gives ears to the needs of employees for optimum staff productivity.





Sector:  Healthcare

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals is not just known for providing quality and affordable drugs. Their industry prowess reflects in how they treat their staff. Aside from paid maternity leave and HMOs, postpartum phase-back courses are available when new mothers return to work to help them adjust to working seamlessly. In a society where lactation rooms are not prevalent, Greenlife Pharmaceuticals provides lactation rooms for breastfeeding working mums. 





SECTOR: Education

Pan African university is a renowned family-friendly institution. Parents enjoy a variety of benefits and policies that make their lives easier. Their workplace practice makes it evident that they place a high priority on developing a family-friendly work culture.


PAU offers a minimum of 12 weeks of paid family leave for eligible employees. After this period, new mums have the opportunity to opt for hybrid work, which allows for flexible schedules and provides childcare benefits for parents.





SECTOR: AgricTech

Trade BUZA is sensitive to the demands of its female employees because it values family-work balance. Team members have the option of working from home, and parents get a substantial number of paid days for parental leave. It is also one of the organizations in Nigeria that provides insurance to cover medical expenses for its staff. Trade Buza offers its employees opportunities for professional growth.


Sector: FMCG

Procter and Gamble (P&G) is passionate about providing employees with rewarding and fair career opportunities and benefits. The company is known to support its employees with benefits such as flexible and hybrid work schedules and a great parental leave policy. Procter and Gamble’s parental leave policy provides new mums with 12 weeks of paid leave. In addition to this wonderful parental leave policy, parents can enjoy on-site childcare and healthcare benefits for all dependents. Employees attest to regular on-the-job training.





Sector: IT

Softcom is a leading tech solution company based in Lagos, Nigeria. According to internal sources, the company pays close attention to the needs and inclusion of its staff, especially new mums. Softcom provides lengthy weeks of paid maternity leave for mums and also access to a remote or hybrid system of work. Staff members enjoy other healthcare benefits for themselves and members of their families. In addition, the organization provides personal and professional growth opportunities for its employees.


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