Marketing 101: 5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Campaigns To Nigerian Mums


Mums rule the world and Nigerian mums account for a large percentage of spending power in the country. From making grocery runs, deciding on which style the house takes, and choosing the right school for their kids. Nothing skips a mum's eye. Their deciding power makes mums a vital target for businesses and brands with childcare products. This article will show you how to launch a successful campaign with the needs and pain points of mums in mind.



5 ways to improve your marketing campaign to Nigerian mums


  • Research and understand generational gaps: You need to understand and point out generational gaps between your mum audience to reach a focal point. Know the specific needs and wants of mums who are baby boomers, millennials, and Generation Z. While they all share a common sense of being mums, the way they consume and perceive content matters. This may range from their devices, interactions, and social media channels. Keep this in mind during brainstorming sessions. 


  • Focus on their schedule: Face it, being a mum is much more hectic than a 9-5 job. And most mums run a 9-5 job while caring for their family. So when is the best time to run your ads or campaigns? Test it out. Run surveys to acquire this information. And of course, leverage the fact that mums like to be on their phones. Your ad may just pop up while they scroll through Facebook or Instagram. 


  • Be authentic: Don't act too salesy. Sure it's great to market to mums because they have the purchasing and decision power. However, forcing it down their throat won't help either. Show them how your product can make their lives and their family’s life better. Show them why your brand sells that particular product better than every other brand out there. Form an emotional connection and build a relationship with them. And of course, instill your brand in their minds.


  • Follow them up: To better improve your marketing effort, follow up with mum before, during, and after they make their purchase. If you have a complicated product, show them how to use it through illustrations and short videos to guide them.


  • Leverage on user-generated content: A week before your campaign, you can put out user-generated content on how other mums are enjoying your products. This tactic is by far the most honest way for mums to know the authenticity of your product. Because they see other people like themselves using it. It creates a sense of FOMO! Cushion this up with selfies of your customers using your products and give it a nice hashtag.



Devising innovative ways to market to Nigerian mums is tasking, yet rewarding. As a business owner with a mum-centric audience, be authentic and employ storytelling techniques to sell your business.


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