30 Best Places For Mums To Work In Nigeria (2024)


Happy International Women’s Day!

To commemorate the unhinged impact of women on the corporate world, it’s pertinent that we further spotlight organizations, businesses, and brands that ensure that mothers thrive and grow regardless of their maternal duties.



These organizations have shown that with an intentional structure, and perceptible commitment, working mums can have an impact and successful careers.



On the 18th of December, Babymigo sent out nomination forms across channels for mums to nominate organizations and businesses that put working mums as a priority in their workforce. The selection process was intense but these 30 organisations met at least five of the nomination criteria. 


Before we present these organizations bolstering working mums to the pinnacle of excellence, we must reiterate on the nomination criteria:

  • A minimum of 12 weeks of paid maternity leave 
  • A minimum of 2 weeks of paid paternity leave
  • A working HMO
  • Flexibility to work from home (hybrid or virtual work system)
  • Postpartum phase-back programs for mums
  • Onsite daycare or partnership with surrounding daycares
  • Health, wellness, and support programs for mums
  • Supportive policies that allow lactation rooms, and pumping or breastfeeding space or station
  • Active HR department to listen to feedback from employee
  • Career advancement opportunities


It is with immense gratitude and respect we present the official list of the 30 Best Places For Mums To Work in Nigeria (2023 edition)



Airtel Nigeria

Sector: Telecommunications 

Airtel has stood out despite the demanding and tasking nature of the telecommunications industry. Airtel Nigeria has made many enormous strides in bridging the gender gap to drive gender equity in Nigeria.



Airtel is creating a new horizon for Nigerian mums to become industry leaders. Airtel offers their mum employees a four-month paid maternity leave. They provide a postpartum phase-back program to further support their working mums with an  active HMO plan. .



Sterling Bank

Sector: Banking



Sterling Bank remains a pillar of excellence as they grace the list for the second time. One of Nigeria’s key players in the banking sector, Sterling prides itself in being a people’s bank that meets the needs and demands of mum employees. They offer four months of paid maternity leave to new mums and 21 working days of paternal leave to new dads. 


With an on-site daycare and a postpartum phase-back environment, new mums can gradually ease back into work while caring for themselves and their little ones. 



Reckitt Benckiser

Sector: Consumer Goods

One of the largest consumer goods multinational companies in Nigeria has made an indelible impact on their working mums. They offer new mums 6 months of fully paid maternity leave and new dads a month of fully paid paternity leave. 


Reckitt is one of few organizations that provide lactation rooms for their mum employees to feed their babies conveniently in a safe and secure environment. They have an active HR department that ensures all employee feedback is a key priority.



PZ Cussons (PZCC)

Sector: FMCG

PZCC is creating a gender-inclusive working environment for all its employees. They offer new mums 20 weeks of paid maternity leave and career advancement postpartum. They also provide their new mums with an on-site daycare and telemedicine facility.




Bridge Clinic

Sector: Healthcare

Bridge Clinic is one of Nigeria’s leading private healthcare facilities. With a keen focus on their mum employees, the child-friendly facility offers three months of paid maternity leave and two weeks of paid paternity leave. 


They have flexible working structures in place for mums to exert efficiency. They also have an active HR department that facilitates the training of their mum employees postpartum.



Ikeja Electric 

Sector: Power

Ikeja Electric is a mum-inclusive environment that centers and spotlights the achievement of its mum employees. They offer paid maternity and paternity leave and a flexible remote/hybrid work culture to support working mums. They also run health support programs for their mum employees to achieve success while in their best health.



Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (Nimasa)

Sector: Marine and Blue Economy


Nimasa provides a flexible work mode and a postpartum phase-back program for new mums postpartum. Working mums have access to annual promotions, training opportunities, and support membership of professional bodies.




Sector: Oil and Gas (Energy)


As one of Nigeria’s producers of crude oil, they provide their mum with an on-site daycare and a postpartum phase pack program after maternity leave. With an active HR department, their mum employees have access to training and opportunities to ensure they reach the pinnacle of their careers.



SGS Oil and Gas

Sector: Oil and Gas (Energy)

The Nigerian oil giant ensures all working mums have access to three months of paid maternity leave and one month of paid paternity leave.


New mums can drop off their babies at the on-site date care, courtesy of SGS Oil and Gas. Their mum employees are enrolled in a postpartum phase back training to enable them to qualify for leadership positions within the company.



Zenith Bank

Sector: Banking

Zenith Bank ensures all their mum employees gradually phase back into work after a three-month maternity leave. The baking sector is a fast-paced world. However, Zenith Bank prioritizes on-site daycare for mums to conveniently check on their babies at intervals while working.



Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG)

Sector: Finance

KPMG stands out in the finance sector by offering their mum employees four months maternity leave, access to health care programs postpartum, international training, and travel opportunities. They open the horizons for career advancement, especially in leadership positions for more working mums.



Axa Mansard

Sector: Healthcare

Creating an efficient mum force is pertinent to Axa Mansard. The health insurance company offers generous paid time off for their mum employee, access to career advancement opportunities, and an active HR department that puts the needs of mums first. 



Equity Providers Insurance

Sector: Insurance

Equity Providers are more of actions than words. They go the extra mile by providing their mum employee with paid maternity leave, a postpartum program, and fully paid training for career advancement. They offer their mum employees a fully packed HMO and a flexible working mode.



Meridian Hospital

Sector: Healthcare

Meridian Hospital has a known reputation for philanthropic services to citizens of Port Harcourt state. They're known for expert customer service and care. They ensure new mums reach the crest of their careers by offering paid maternity leave, a flexible working environment, and postpartum care support.




Sector: Telecommunications

Globacom is Nigeria's largest service provider to date. They offer their mum employees 24 weeks (almost 6 months) of maternity leave and four weeks of paid paternity leave.


It's no surprise they have an active HR department and a working HMO. They further show their robust support by providing on-site daycare and support programs for mums to work efficiently.




Sector: Financial services 

Pausyack has become one of Nigeria’s largest financial technological companies. They offer their mum employees three months of paid maternity leave and 14 days of paid paternity leave for new dads. They have an outstanding HMO package and health support program to ensure their mum employees are in good health.



Anchor Insurance

Sector: Insurance

The ultimate goal of Anchor Insurance is to see their mum employee thrive professionally. With a dependent HMO and career progression activities, working mums in Anchor Insurance have access to three months of paid maternity leave and on-site daycare. They provide a seamless postpartum schedule for their mom employees.



MTN Nigeria

Sector: Telecommunications

MTN has rooted itself in Nigeria as the leading network service provider that boosts seamless and fast interactions. MTN positions itself as a people-first-oriented organization. Hence, doesn't sideline their mum force. 


All new mums have access to six months of paid maternity leave. Mums who underwent IVF and surrogacy all get six months of paid maternity leave. They have a WAY health program that supports new mums and an on-site daycare for babies and infants.



Leadway Insurance

Sector: Insurance

Leadway is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s largest insurance companies with a fervent passion for providing excellent service to its clients. They don't compromise on their care and intentionality with their mum force.


 Mum employees have access to their LeadHealth insurance and a four-month paid maternity leave. They have flexible working modes and a daycare to cater to the needs of their mum employees.



Reel Fruit

Sector: Agro Allied

Reel fruit is a second-timer on our list! That shows their commitment to secure a work-life balance for their mum employees. Reel Fruit offers a phase-back program for parents so they can transition back to work seamlessly. It also has an excellent HR team that pays attention to employee feedback.




Sector: Oil and Gas (Energy)

The age-long industry player in the energy sector hoists mum employees with 4 months of paid maternity leave, flexible work options, and an opportunity to grow in interdepartmental posting, and international training. Mums can also access their partner hospital with their babies at their convenience. 



Zedi Africa

Sector: PR Communications

Zedi Africa is a growth and marketing agency helping start-ups with a 360 marketing strategy for brands. While they're first on our list, they uphold standards in equipping their working mums with expert telemedicine to help them navigate postpartum life. They offer an on-site daycare and an LBS Executive program, especially for professionals transitioning into managerial positions. 



Microsoft Nigeria

Sector: Software Development 

The tech giant stands out with a lactating room for mums to also bring their nannies to work! This practice is rarely seen in the corporate world and Microsoft Nigeria is breaking barriers to ensure they meet the needs of their mum force. They offer a robust maternity leave of five months and an on-site daycare.



Guaranty Trust Bank

Sector: Banking

GT Bank is another banking giant in the African scene. They offer their mum employees three months of paid maternity leave, a robust learning platform, and a postpartum phase-back program to ensure they are positioned for leadership roles. They have an on-site daycare and flexible work options to support mums.



Mouka Limited

Sector: Manufacturing 

Mouka Limited prides itself on being a people company by prioritizing its needs. They are passionate about their women's force and provide mini gist and packages on occasion to support their women's force. They offer new moms flexible remote work, paid professional training, and three months of paid maternity leave.



DLM Capital

Sector: Finance 

DLM Capital provides mums with attractive paid maternity leave and onsite daycare to assist mums with their babies and career progression opportunities.



Access Bank

Sector: Banking 

Access Bank plays a critical role in empowering women and mothers in Nigeria. They've also created the W community to meet the needs of their female audience.


Access Bank offers its mum employees six months of paid maternity leave and one month of paid paternity leave to new dads. They also offer flexible working options and on-site daycare to support working mums.




Sector: Finance

Branch is a Fintech company that spotlights its mums by offering six months of paid maternity leave and three months of paid paternity leave. They offer premium HMO to their mum employees and postpartum programs to help them succeed after their break.


Mums have access to 500 USD to take any courses, training, or conference of interest. They run monthly learning sessions, and quarterly invite speakers or thought leaders to teach on a variety of topics.



First Bank

Sector: Banking


First Bank is one of Nigeria’s oldest key players in the banking sector. They have an active HR and provide mums with six months maternity leave. They support their mun force with an on-site daycare.  First Bank is regarded as a place that empowers ambitious women to succeed.



Standard Chartered Bank 

Sector: Financial Services


According to reports, Standard Chartered’s people culture promotes work-life balance, respect, diversity, and inclusion. The company's high regard for inclusion is shown in policies and practices for working parents.


All new mums are given a minimum of 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, with each employee enjoying outstanding healthcare from HMO partners and a hybrid work model. Above all, Standard Chartered is regarded as a place that empowers ambitious women to succeed.



Five28 Global 

Sector: Interior Design and Property Development 

Five28 Global provides mums with a flexible working environment and paid maternity leave. They have an active HR department that ensures structure and career training for their new mums.

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