5 Places To Get Thrift Items For Your Baby In The UK


Toddlers grow up so fast that they may need new clothes for practically every season of the year. Outgrown clothing ends up in bags, closets, or drawers for longer than it should when new clothing is brought in (or worse, stacking up in the garbage). 


The emergence of kidswear secondhand websites has simplified and even become addicting. This is the process of shopping sustainably while still saving money. In this article, we will provide 5 places to get thrift/second-hand items for your baby in the UK.


5 places to find affordable thrift baby items in the UK


  1. Tot Swap Shop

The stocks or items in this shop are carefully selected/handpicked by the owner, who sources most of the items from local parents. Tot Swap is a physical thrift/second-hand walk-in store. If you are skeptical about getting items online, this is the right place.


Online shoppers aren't left out; they have a website where you can place your orders and have them delivered. Tot Swap shop is a win-win store. You can shop for your baby's needs and swap some clothes your child isn't wearing again and are still in good condition for cash. This process is instant and stress-free. 



  1. The Octopus Club

This is your one-stop shop/store in the UK for all things maternity, babies and kids. They have a wide range of items for this group that are not limited to clothing items. Everything you need to start a family is available here, including clothing, reusable diapers, breast pumps, cribs, toys, books, bikes, bouncers, and baby carriers. 


In addition to being a second-hand marketplace, they also engage with industry specialists to provide parenting information on social media, addressing various topics, including breastfeeding, preparing for childbirth, returning to work after maternity leave, and more. They offer a rewards program called "Octoplus," through which members receive unique discounts on their favorite goods and services, such as in-home childcare and delicious frozen meals delivered right to their door. 



  1. Worn In Wardrobe

Worn In Wardrobe makes buying and selling second-hand clothes easier and more reliable. They provide a faff-free selling service for those with a wardrobe clear-out and a second-hand shop that is as easy to use as a first-timer online shopping.


This thrift/second-hand baby wear store offers convenience and good value to working parents. It's designed to simplify and reduce the time required for those who require sustainable buying habits. 


Worn In Wardrobe arranges its wears into 5 grades, making it easy for you to select the best need for your baby. The grades include: 

  • BNWT- Brand New With Tags
  • BNWOT- Brand New Without Tags
  • EUC- Excellent Used Condition
  • GUC- Good Used Condition
  • PW- Playwear



  1. Katie’s Kids Clothes

Katie's Kids Clothes is another amazing and affordable second-hand/thrift store in the UK that sells lovely and quality clothes for kids. Katie's Kids Clothes believes in buying second-hand clothes for kids from families in and around her who require more space but have limited time to sell the clothes themselves. 


By helping these families declutter, Katie's Kids clothes were passed on to other families needing them. Another thing that makes Katie's kid's clothes incredible is their wide range of wear, from regular to school and special occasions. They got you and your baby covered.



  1. Oxfam Shop

The Oxfam Online Shop is brimming with unusual, exciting, and high-quality second-hand kids' items in all sizes and styles. They have thousands of brand-new and used children's accessories and apparel goods. 


Oxfam kids clothing provides everything you need to create the ideal outfit for your baby, from dresses and pants to baby grows and caps. Not a buyer online? It's not a problem since their leading street stores are also packed with hidden jewels in clothes.



You don't need to break the bank to give your child the best quality and suitable clothes or items. With these stores, you can get value for your money, even at low prices.

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