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Giving birth to a pre-term baby comes with a lot of mental and physical challenges for both mother and child. Pre-term are babies born before 27 weeks of pregnancy. As such, their organs are underdeveloped and will need appropriate and expert care to ensure they maintain normal growth and development.


This 2-day masterclass will equip new mums with pre-term babies on appropriate care and measures to ensure they grow healthy. 


Topics to be addressed:


  1. Understanding Complications of Preterm Birth and Readiness Preparation ( In-depth understanding of potential complications, preparing and staying ready for Preterm births)


  1. Care/Management of Preterm Babies: What to Expect (Detailed guidance on the day-to-day care of Preterm infants, Insights into potential challenges and how to navigate them)


  1. Tests/Medications for Preterm Babies (Overview of necessary tests and medications)


  1. Warning Signs in Preterm Babies (Identification of warning signs,  appropriate responses and interventions)


  1. Nurturing Your Preterm Baby's Development in the First 12 Months (Tailored advice on promoting healthy development, Milestones, and benchmarks for the first year)


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