Thinking of A Baby Shower? Here Are Some Budget-Friendly Tips

If you are a first-time mom, you need to learn how to start planning your baby shower. And what do you do if you have a budget that cannot accommodate an event planner? Where do you start shopping?


As with all expenses, the prudent first step is to make a list. A detailed list will help you estimate costs and other necessary resources. 


The average baby shower event would need the following things to be a smashing success: 


  • Date/Time 


  • Guest list


  • Venue


  • Theme


  • Invitation cards


  • Entertainment 


Baby shower events are unique to the mother, so we cannot tell you precisely what to include or exclude. This article will give you a walk-through to decide what is essential and what isn’t. Most importantly, you’ll get ideas on how to cut costs.





Date and time: Picking a date and time does not require much effort but is essential when planning your baby shower. 


You don’t want to risk having your party outdoors in the rainy months of September or start late in the evening with nursing mothers around; their babies could get grumpy, cry and possibly ruin your guests' mood. 



Guest list: This will contain important information that you would need to plan for entertainment, the estimated cost of food, and the size of your venue hall if your event is not indoors. 


Tailor your guest list based on the kind of baby shower you want to have. Would you prefer your guests to be just adults? Could you have children around too?



Location: There are many good venue options to have your baby shower. An event hall, inside your home, in your garden, or at a park. Pick somewhere that can accommodate your guests comfortably with adequate protection from harsh weather conditions. 





Theme/decor: This is one of the essential parts of the event. It is easier to let an event planner handle this. But if you are on a budget, you can still pull this off elegantly with these simple steps:


Pick a theme and color palette for the event. There's more beyond the usual pink and blue. Here are some color combination suggestions: 


    • Mint & grey,


    • Yellow & white,


    • Pastels, 


    • Black & white,


    • Orange & peach,


    • Green & gold, 


    • Nude & brown. 



1. Search the web for inspiration on how to decorate tables and event spaces. Here are some pins you can start from catch my party, Kara's party ideas, webbabyshower


2. Use your chosen colors in your cake, dress code, and invitation cards. This will help bring a more unified look to your event.



Invitation card: it could be a physical or personalized virtual card. But it should contain the information and rules for your party if there are any.





Entertainment: This is the part we are cautious about, as this can make up to 60% of your budget. 


Choose a pocket-friendly, healthy, and enjoyable menu for your guests. Do you want simple snacks, small chops, a big cake, or dainty little cupcakes? 


Check out these pins for inspiration on the Nigerian menu for special events. My diaspora kitchen The pretend chef 



Yummy melody: In entertainment, you need music. What would be more cost-friendly? Hiring a DJ or curating your playlist? Add that to your list!


With an MC/ party host, you can hire someone or ask a friend or family to help out. 


Still, in entertainment, you need a photographer. You can set up a simple photo booth or flowered/balloon backdrop for your guests to take pictures.

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