Give Up These 5 Activities Completely When You're Pregnant


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It provides an avenue to procreate one’s own offspring and to multiply. It is also a delicate period in a woman’s life in which certain precautions must be taken in terms of food, medication, exercise and activities in order to have an uneventful pregnancy period and a positive outcome giving rise to a healthy infant and mother. The following are some of the activities that one should avoid doing when pregnant:

  1. Heavyweight lifting: lifting heavy things when pregnant can be both tiring and uncomfortable. Besides, it can pose a health risk to the mother causing an imbalance in posture thus leading to a fall that may harm the growing foetus in the womb. Furthermore, heavy weight training lifts that involve maximal muscle contractions are thought to put too much stress and strain on the body and may cause other complications too.
  2. Exercises which involve lying on the stomach or on your back after the first trimester should be avoided. This is to reduce the risk of affecting blood flow to the growing foetus and dizziness or weakness for the mother.
  3. Any activities that increase the risk of falls should be avoided in order to reduce the risk of injury to you and your growing foetus. These include but not limited to sports such as gymnastics, horseback riding, water skiing, or house chores such as climbing on a stool to hang something up or to dust surfaces in the home or at work should be avoided.
  4. Avoid sauna bath or hot tubs: taking hot water baths, relaxing in hot bathtubs or sauna bath should be avoided at all stages of the pregnancy as it is dangerous to the growing foetus and it can lead to birth defects or dizziness for the mother as a result of a sudden change in body temperature. Always use water with a temperature that is close to your normal body temperature.
  5. Avoid high altitudes: sports at altitudes may induce altitude sickness which in turn can reduce oxygen supply to the foetus. Likewise, flying when pregnant should be avoided when possible.

In conclusion, be safe, exercise, and be active but do not overdo it to the point of straining yourself. If at any time you feel tired or there’s shortness of breath, stop and relax or consult your doctor if you have concerns.

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