Ajinomoto Educates Pregnant And Nursing Mothers On The Importance of Proper Nutrition



30th January, 2024


As part of her mission to combat malnutrition and nutrient deficiency in Nigerian mothers and children, Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria carried out a nutrition outreach to 150 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers at Odunjo primary health care centre, Ibadan state.




The event was attended by Ajinomoto executives and esteemed dignitaries of the Ibadan health ministry. Mrs. Olusola Jimoh, who represented the Oyo state commissioner of health made a resounding opening remark on the importance of nutrition for both mother and child in the state.


Mrs. Olusola also stated that the state government is working vigorously to achieve nutritional health amongst mothers and children in a bid to achieve SDG 3. She also commended the Ajinonoto group for their undeterred and impeccable contribution to improving the lives of mothers and children in the country.




The Executive General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Alhaji Salman Isyaku Kiru welcomed guests and distinguished personalities to the outreach. He also emphasised the importance of healthy living which can only be achieved through proper nutrition.



He enlightened guests on the brief history of Ajinomoto and their penchant for encouraging mothers to use their products which have high nutritional value and are safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. He gave a sneak peek at what to expect from the group and reinstated the Ajinomoto mission to continue to spread the gospel of healthy living and nutrition across other states in Nigeria.



The Managing Director of Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria, Noriyuki Ogushi gave a reverberating speech on the importance of seeking medical care during and after pregnancy. He promised to visit the mothers regularly and continue to give back to the community the Ajinomoto way. 


Down to health matters, a short talk was presented by the Director of Disease Control and Immunisation, Dr. Johnson Isoko who encouraged mothers to eat healthy and prioritise seeking medical care at the early stage of pregnancy. He beckoned on mothers to stop the practice of skipping antenatal care till 5 months, as prenatal and postnatal care is crucial for the development of their child. He also mentioned that proper medical care at the beginning of pregnancy prevents congenital anomalies and promotes a successful delivery. 



Francisca Ikediashi, the Corporate Communications Officer enlightened mothers on the importance of the umami taste. She spoke about the richness of the umami taste as the 6th sense and its low salt content which is beneficial for lactating mothers due to glutamate. Francisca highlighted, contrary to popular belief, that all Ajinomoto products do not contain salt as it's made from sugarcane which is a natural sweetener.



Mothers engaged in cooking demonstrations with a variety of Ajinomoto seasonings, kids between the ages of 7 and 9 danced and were awarded prizes. Some mothers spoke about their pregnancy journey and appreciated the Ajinomoto team for organising the enlightening event. 


The event ended on a high note as mothers were handed cash gifts, Ajinomoto goody bags, calendars, and towels amongst others. Ajinomoto remains dedicated to serving the Nigerian mother and child for a healthy nation.