Potty Training

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Potty training requires timing and techniques. Age does not work as a magical factor, try every method that works for every toddler. As a parent, you must look for physical, emotional, and cognitive signs that your child is +eady and approach the process with patience and a positive attitude, understanding that setbacks are natural and okay.

Tips to help you potty train your child

Stick to a Routine

Routines can be a critical component for potty training an older child. Since children may not notice the urge (or notice but not want to stop playing), having an adult offering casual reminders every 1-2 hours helps the child view interrupting activities to use the toilet as a more normal part of the daily routine.

Offer Rewards

Every child is unique, different and special, figure out what they really like and use that as a bait sometimes.

Relinquish Control

Older children crave control, make your child feel in charge of their bathroom habits.

In dealing with Accidents, establish rules

Set guidelines for what should happen in the event of an accident.

Put your child with other children potty training 

Since kids love the company of other children, putting your child be in the company of other potty-trained children can encourage their curiosity and motivation.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Avoid shaming your older child into using the toilet. Instead, offer praises.

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