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Good evening mums and docs, happy weekend to u all and happy new month, does 10 weeks immunization also pain a lot like 6 weeks own...pls I need an answer because baby Ashrof is going for 10 weeks immunization on Monday.
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Sola Efeizomor
He! Whether 6, 10, or 14weeks just give paracetamol 1hour after and do not massage the injection site
Please u guys remember not every baby's body is same...babies ve different pain management nd immune system.. It might pain some ns others wont even feel it... Like my daughter sometimes i wonder if she's even a baby cuz she manages pain like an old woman she never felt pain after her 6weeks immunization but my sister in law's baby cried the whole 3 days so they re different just mke sure ur paracetamol is handy
Adeyemi Abibat
Thanks dear....we gone for the immunization today and to my greatest surprise.... Baby Ashrof din cry and he's playing all day. Thanks to great mums and docs.
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