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Hello good mother's, am new but want to seek for advice, my baby is a year and 3months,and I want to stop him from breastfeeding and he doesn't eat except breast and biscuits, juice, thinking of giving him till one and half yrs or wot do u think and the steps that I take assuming he is not sucking again. Thanks
Breast Feeding
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Adekunle Mujidat Adebola Bashiru
Thank u,I have tried d guinea corn and millet but he didn't take it.
Joyce Ishaku Pope
You can breast feed till two years with other feeds, try D above recommended food
Taiwo Olufikayo Kehinde
Good day mums in d house, am so glad to be here. I had d same with my baby girl when she was one year and five months, she wouldnt eat anything asides breast, but i did stop her anyway. I refused giving her d breast to suck and prepared pap for her to drink and introduced other light foods, she struggled with it just for two days and on d third day, she adapted to d new method dt she doesnt even come near d breast except to play with it. I hope ds helps but my breast pained me soooooo much.
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