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Pls Wat do u think I can do? My baby refuse to take baby formula since six months now she is ten mnths, she only accept ordinary pap I tried nan, sma gold, cowbell tin and other cereals. Pls I need ur advice and she dnt accept family food either
Mummy David
Put d milk in d pap. At her age,she requires 500-600mls of milk,that is 17-20scoops/day. If u gv her pap 4x a day foR example, u make it.6,5,5,4 scoops respectively or as you please. she might still change and accept milk. My son is just beginning to accept milk gradually at over 11months. But that's what I do. Measure d qty of milk pe day in a container n gv It all thru d day. She will still adjust
Akintola Deola
Thank you ma, mummy David
Akintola Deola
@ mummy David, she's still refuses to take d milk, she's 11mnths plus now, I want to try peak 123 maybe the taste will be different from formula milk pls want do you think
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