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Good Evening and Happy New Month to us all. Please help a first time Mama.. I'm about to stop EBF for My 6month old baby this month, I don't have idea of which cereal baby food to introduce to her. She want to taste every food that she see is entering my month. Please I need our experience Mother ideas on what to start with her also i don't want her loose weight. Thank you
Breast Feeding
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Oladapo Modupeola
@jossyperfect, pls which month can someone start with noodles?
Mummy Anointed
My baby started noodle a week after he clocked 6months, Tho I give him small quantities. And also made sure he has water at intervals
angel baby
Please mummies noodles should be once in a long while and never use the spice ,use finely grinded crayfish and egg with vegeies like carrot ,there are whole lots of food to give ur baby like potatoes puree,apple puree,rice puree make sure h use chicken or Titus fish in his or her food also check for foods agewish
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