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Hello mothers, good morning and happy new week... Pls u people should help me o.. I gave birth thru cs a month ago and 3 weeks ago, my hubby has started disturbing me for sex, so I managed to give him small, just small o hmmm, he mistakenly came inside me, now am stuck. I felt headache after the first 2days and the blood that was dropping from me stopped till now. Now he is talking of giving inserting stuff to get the baby out, that's if truly am pregnant. Could it be that am pregnant? How possible is it? If I run a test now with test strip, will it be positive? And will it affect my baby? Considering the fact that I just delivered? No insults pls, just help a mother in need. Thanks
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Ehizogie Juliet
Is well oo
Grace Prosper
U ain't preg dear,don't panic
Nkechi Muof
My sister it is well. Go for a test first to confirm. You may not be pregnant, you need to clear your head so you can focus on taking care of the baby.
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