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Pls moms, good day... The front of my sons head is very soft since birth what is the cause? Though, I use palm kernel oil to pour on it. Pls any other remedy for it yo go fast?
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Angel Ekwegh
I gave birth they cs, and I had sex with my husband 3weeks after giving birth and the discharge coming out of me that is yellow like, stopped for sometime... And about 5days ago it started dropping again and stopped after like 2days. Yesterday again, real blood started coming out and i had it menstral cramp like, it stopped and this morning again, the blood started coming out till now after I took hot pepper soup. Could it be my period? Or am I pregnant again?
Dr Weyinmi Orighoye
You should see your gynaecologist to rule out any infection. Although, you will still have mild bloody discharge from the aftermath of delivery. You are not pregnant at least just yet. Kindly see your doctor.
Esther Ochuko
U r advised to not have sex till 6weeks after cs, go n see your doctor
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