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Pls help a first time mum. My baby boy is 3weeks and some days, we are on EBF. But he sucks alot. I can say he sucks every hour and wen u remove it from his mouth, he start crying and after some times, he get too full dt he vomit. Pls what can I do in dz situation, how can I stop him from crying for more at all times. Thanks mums
Breast Feeding
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Omolbaby GodsOwn
@maryray, yeah my m- I- L too said it cause my baby sucks like anything so I bot formula. She said it also makes babies go slim. Day she will get d ago for me. She said it is ejo inu. It is well
Try and get dis mothers...sometimes other things may b happenin to our kids but d only things console themselves is to suck...try and study ur baby well.. Check d diaper Heat Tummy pain And make sure he/she is placed well wen breastfeeding.. Tongue tied I was told by a ped doctor and its resolved my issue then..mine was heat n tongue tied...d day i started using fan for my little one..he sucks well den sleep off..
And also get satisfied
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