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My 7 months old is running temperature. He has cold and is coughing seriously. His temperature rises so much if I cover him while the catarrh and cough is persistent. He is on pcm and coflax syrup but no relief. I stepidsponges him but i don't know if it is not good for the cold too? Pls what should I do?
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Change the pcm to ibuprofen . Get him antimalarial drugs, vit c n cough syrup. And make sure u always close d door n also don't expose him into this weather pls.
Yemisi Adedayo Sunday
Steam the baby with hot water add a little silverbird in the hot water then get your husband to cover you and the baby with lots of wrappers or duvet. The catahah will go then use baby's ibuprofen for his temperature. Do the steaming for 3days
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Thank you all. He is OK now
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