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URGENT PLS! Mummies and doctors pls advice me on what to do. My 7 months old is running temperature since yesterday. Have been described pcm and lonard by the doctor is not working at all.
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Thanks to you all. His temperature is coming down now.
Is d temp up to 38.9??? N r u using private or govt? If is private good then, tell them to run text for him (FBC) so as to rule out any infection n he can also be place on antibiotics I.e ceftraxone inj if d prescribed drugs isn't will think is magic. My son temp doesn't go down with pcm n antimalarial drugs all I give is antibiotics along with it m we r done.
Anointed Martins
@ Agnes. Yes the temperature was 39. Govt hospital. But he is getting better now. Thank you so much
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