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Good evening mum and docs in the house pls what type of baby food can i introduce to my baby by first of may am going back to work am on exclusive before his 3mnths and one week now.
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Akinyoade Abiodun Ohluwaseun
My own baby did not collect any baby food we try Nan 1, she hate it wit passion, similac, friso gold, even cerelac she wasted all our effort and money den we try ogi baba (Pap) she didnt collect it at first but we keep trying d ogi for her n it became her best food but d ogi is mixed with soya bean, cray fish, n groundnut
Nkemjohn Stella
Gerber rice and sma
Maryam Adamu Muhammed
Aptamil is very good for babies! It's expensive but u won't regret using it....
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