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Greetings to everyone, pls no one is giving me answers I really need to know y i experience body irritation, am 7 months pregnant now and experience unusual itches and eczema all over my body, and after sex using condom I always feel itches in my virginal. Pls i need answers doctors, mothers!
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Okafor Juliet Ezenwa
Visit ur doc,and don't use condom again
Tnx wonderful mothers sorry I've not been online 4 sometime. I apprec8 your comments, my husband use condom in order to stay long so I can get orgasm. But now we stopped using condom and I don't experience itches in virginal. So d itch may be as a result of itch from the condom just like Sarah akpa said. Tnx all
*As a result of heat from the condom
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