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My dear mums what do you say of a baby of 3 months+ who always want to turn around evrytime. It has not been easy o, wherever I put her she would rollover and behave as if she wants to crawl or stand but its always difficult. Whenever I leave her to go get something I found her struggling and crying on top her Tommy and trying to adjust/ move hands and legs , because of that she now sleep on my bed. She even fell from the bed yesterday. Pls ooo what is she up to. Is crawling or walking not too early for her?
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Mummy David
My baby did same. Rolling over with lots.of crying Just leave her to do it but b observing her. They do those build core muscles fr sitting,crawling & the almighty walking
Idongesit Imah
My daughter same
Oseni Damilola
My son too ooooo in fact the last time he fell from my bed was mid night I jumped up to pick him and I started crying now I have to guide d bed with enough pillows lolz he's almost 9momths now
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