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Pls i really need your help experienced mothers and doctors, has anyone gone through cs that later Has complication. Am 3 weeks now, at 2 weeks after my cs I Began to see pus coming out of the incision area, my doctor insisted that I continue using the already prescribed antibiotics "zinnat" as at then I was using the second pack, now I have started using the 3rd pack, I pray it dry up before it gets finished. Pls is anyone with other solutions. Tnx in anticipation
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Mrs moji tnx ma
Hannah Fat
Keep cleaning the place with spirit and make sure u air the place
Pls my dear mothers when did your bleeding discharge stopped after cs. For me normal bleeding stopped at 3 weeks but till now (6 weeks) am still seeing yellow discharge dat comes out like blood and at times when I urinate another discharge like pus comes out, pls what do I do, is this normal?
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