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Your Baby's Diet Many mothers frequently ask "what should I feed my baby? It is advised that babies be fed exclusively breast milk for the first 6 months of life. No water is needed at this time. What happens to the diet after 6months of age? Your baby's nutritional requirements increase and feeds should include adult diet in addition to breast milk . Mothers need to experiment often with different types of food to discover what their babies really like . Babies should be fed frequently and not just 3times daily. They should also be offered fruits and water. Remember to be patient with your baby and enjoy this phase of mutual discovery.
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Dr. Ronke Akinola
@Patricia, visit a doctor or experienced nurse so they can physically take you through the steps of breastfeeding.
Dr. Ronke Akinola
@Atinuke While breast milk contains no contaminants if given directly, water may be contaminated from various sources and that's a potential source of introducing infections to babies.
Dr. Ronke Akinola
@Omosivie Your baby doesn't seem to like pap, so you could experiment with other cereal. It may take a while, but you would eventually discover the other food types he enjoys.
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