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Pls my mummies n docs pls wat can cause d fluid the baby is to be green n d baby die. N how long can I stay b4 I can try to conceive again remember is cs I use n I have no baby b4.
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OK the removable usually lasts 10days b4 its removed and a lot of antibiotics is given to make it heal really quick, so the wound is expected to close up within 3 weeks, let's say in total of 6 weeks u should start trying again as long as ur menstrual cycle has returned,ur body will also help u to know when u're OK to try and mind u d first time u tried u may experience some drop of blood so u don't panic just let ur doctor know.gudluck
Mrs Ekpenyong Temmy Joseph
@Debby18345, thanks so much
@Debby18345, what is dissolvable seizure
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