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Good morning wonderful moms nd doc's in d house pls help a ftm. My baby is 1yr nd 2months old nd she still trows up through her nose nd mouth she started it wen she WS 3wks old uptill now .she doesn't eat, d cerelac , Fri so, nd tea she takes little is by force most times she'll still bring everything out thru d noes nd mouth I even dewormed her last month bcos I thought it could b worm. I'm so worried now bcos presently she hardly sleeps well at nite she Squeeze's her body as if she's having colic pain nd after much squeezing sometimes she will cry out. I'm very worried now my wonderful docstors nd moms in d house pls help a ftm.
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Betiku Abiodun Vivian
Take her to d hospital pls.
Umoh Etentuk Boro
Pls Hosp dear
Florence Afamefune
OK thanks moms
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